When Phoebe goes to a festival with her friends, she never thought she'd end up meeting Niall Horan. They don't 'fall in love' straight away, but they do become good friends - they have a rocky story, but will they make it out okay in the end?


15. Really is the last day..

So Liam and maybe Harry didn't approve of me and Niall. Zayn and Louis did. Claudia and Lily didn't  even know and were happy for us. Its been another 3 weeks and there's only 1 more week till they go back to work and our lives return to normal for good. Me and Niall were going perfect until everytime Liam popped in to say hi - then it was awkward. On the last night, Niall came into my bed as I cuddled him. 'I've been with everyday for over 2 months, how can I be away from you forever now?' I whispered, as I let a tear fall down my face. 'It won't be forever, we'll make time I promise' He reassured me. He pulled me closer as he kissed me. We heard my door open and we pulled away. It was Liam. I forgot him and Zayn were staying tonight. 'Niall, get back in your room' He sighed. 'I'm sorry what? Since when can you tell me what to do?' Niall replied. 'Well, I don't think its appropriate right now fo-' Liam started to say but Niall snapped back. 'Appropriate? Liam, fuck off it's our last night' 'Oh, so now your swearing at me?' Liam said, sounding like his mum. Niall rolled his eyes and sighed. I just sat there awkwardly. 'Come on Niall, get focused. We're back at work the day after tomorrow and I don't want you more focused on Phoebe than One Direction otherwise there's no point you being there' Liam snapped. I was shocked. Niall was speechless .. well for 2 seconds. Niall went mental at Liam. He jumped out of bed and stormed over to him. 'So now YOUR saying I shouldn't be in One Direction?! Thanks Liam, thanks a lot, I already get enough hate as it is!!!' Niall screamed. 'I didn't mean it like tha-' Liam sighed. 'Yes you did otherwise you wouldn't have said it!!' Niall shouted, as Louis and Zayn appeared just as Niall tried to hit Liam. Harry pulled them apart as I took Niall's hand and told him to calm down. 'What did you say to him?!' Louis cried at Liam. Niall just started going mental again so I dragged him outside and put him in my car. 'Listen, he can stay at mine tonight, cool down and then i'll have him back here tomorrow' I told Louis quickly. He nodded and thanked me as I ran outside and jumped in my car. It was a suprise to see Niall was crying. 'Hey, Niall babe don't cry' I said as I stroked his hand. 'I'm just gonna give up on One Direction, nobody wants me in it' He mumbled. 'Niall Horan, that is NOT true' I told him sternly as we pulled up to my flat, I took his hand and let him upstairs aas we crashed on my bed in a heap of cuddles and tears.

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