When Phoebe goes to a festival with her friends, she never thought she'd end up meeting Niall Horan. They don't 'fall in love' straight away, but they do become good friends - they have a rocky story, but will they make it out okay in the end?


11. Last day

When I woke up, I immediatley remembered that is was the last time I would ever see Niall or the boys today. I wriggled around in Nialls arms to face him and he was already awake suprisingly. 'I'm gonna miss you' He whispered. 'Niall you have work, you wont have time to miss me' I tried to comfort him. 'I don't have work for another 2 months! We get holiday, its summer and we've already finished recording our album, it's just the editors job now to get it done! They don't need us' He explained. He paused for a minute, obviously thinking about something. 'Hey, we should spend the summer together!' He blurted out. He went red and looked down. 'Sorry that was a stupid thing to say' He mumbled. I rested my head on his then kissed him again. 'I think it's a great idea' I giggled.

So after we packed everything up, Niall came with me to my flat so I could pack. Harry went with Claudia, Louis went with Lily. I lived on my own, I was 17 so you know. I was a bit scared about Niall seeing my flat. It wasn't posh or sophisticated. It was just mine. It felt like something out of movie having Niall Horan in my flat, and knowing Claudia was with Harry Styles and Lily was with Louis Tomlinson. Zayn was staying with Perrie for a week and Liam was staying with Danielle for 2 weeks but they'd be popping in. Getting into my flat was havoc. There was so much paparrazi, it was actually scary. Once we finally got in Niall sat on my sofa laughing at his phone while I packed. 'What you laughing at?' I yelled from my bedroom. 'Come here!' He replied. He read from his phone : 'Niall Horan from 1D spotted going into block of flats with unknown mystery girl' We both burst out laughing at the article. Once we got to the boys house,it was actually quite ordinary which was a relief. I had my own room and they had a pool! It was going to be one unforgettable summer, and its only just begun.

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