When Phoebe goes to a festival with her friends, she never thought she'd end up meeting Niall Horan. They don't 'fall in love' straight away, but they do become good friends - they have a rocky story, but will they make it out okay in the end?


27. DNA

I was so confused. I loved Louis. A part of me still loved Niall. I was pregnant with one of their babies. I wanted it to be Louis' of course. 'Let's get a DNA test then, let's find out' Niall said. I nodded. 'Yeah, we need an appointment' I replied, as I picked up the phone and dialled the doctors number. I booked an appointment for tomorrow, I wanted to know as soon as possible. 'Right, well what are you doing now then?' I asked Niall as he stood in the middle of our living room. 'Just stay here tonight Niall, then you can come with us tomorrow' Louis told Niall. I glared at Louis. Why was he letting him stay? I just wanted tomorrow to come quick.


Me, Louis and Niall were all sitting in the little plastic chairs in the waiting room. I was nervous. If it was Louis' then things were fine. If it was Niall then we had trouble. 'Phoebe Jackson?' The nurse came out and called my name. I took a deep breath, took Louis' hand and walked briskly in, with Niall right behind me.

'Would you like to lay down Miss Jackson?' The nurse smiled. I nodded and did as she said. She was getting her equipment ready when I started to get really scared. I sat up quickly, and tried to calm down. It was no use. 'I can't do this' I mumbled as I grabbed my bag and ran out. I ran out of the doctors surgery, trying to breathe normally. Niall ran out and saw me. 'Woah, what's wrong?' He asked as he touched my arm. I pulled away and ignored him. 'Where's Louis?' I asked him. 'He's talking to the nurse' Niall replied. I didn't want to talk to Niall. It made me remember how much I loved him. Do I still love him? I didn't have time to think anymore, as Louis came out and checked if I was okay.

'What were you talking to the nurse about?' I asked him. 'Oh, erm.. just baby things' He stuttered. I was a bit suspicious but I was too tired to argue. So, the baby was still unknown to its father.

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