When Phoebe goes to a festival with her friends, she never thought she'd end up meeting Niall Horan. They don't 'fall in love' straight away, but they do become good friends - they have a rocky story, but will they make it out okay in the end?


26. Could it be?

I froze as I stood there facing Niall. 'Of course i'm sure!' I snapped at Niall, though to be honest I wasn't very sure about anything now. All I knew is that I loved Louis and I wanted Niall out of my life for good. 'Just..leave Niall' I whispered as I started to cry. I went back inside and went up to mine and Louis' bedroom. I heard Louis shut the door and I though Niall had gone but then I heard him talking to Lou.

After about and hour and a half, there was a knock at my door. Louis poked his head round the corner. 'Hey sweetheart, is it okay if Niall talks to you for a minute? Just so we can get things straight' He asked calmly. I nodded and sniffed as Niall walked in and sat on the end of the bed. 'What are you doing Niall, why are you here?' I sighed. 'I am so sorry for everything I did to you Phoebe, I mean it I am so so so sorry' He rambled. I sighed again and stopped him. 'I was living with a friend, I needed to get away' He explained. 'I don't care Niall, but why are you here now?' I asked. 'I wanted to see you..and now that I know I may be a father' He gestured towards my stomach. 'It's not your baby Niall! We never had sex!' I shouted at him. 'Yes..we did' He mumbled. 'No we di-' I started to say then I remembered. One night Niall came in my room, a drunken mess. He threw me to the ground and..raped me. I gasped as I remembered the memory I had tried so hard to forget. I stood up and started hitting him again. 'YOU STUPID FUCKING IDIOT, YOU RAPED ME! I SWEAR TO GOD IF THIS BABY IS YOURS-' I yelled at him till Louis had to come and help again. 'I swear to god Niall, I will kill you if this baby is yours' Louis mumbled sternly to Niall as he dragged me out. This is mine and Louis' baby. It has to be. It can't be Niall's.

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