Scarlet(the original)

The version of scarlet that I originally posted was an accident and it was missing the prologue. When Scarlet Jordan turned eleven her life changed.
Her parents got into a car crash and they both died.
She went to go live with her best friend Hannah in Florida.
They attended 6th grade together.
Scarlet, Hannah and Hannah's
Parents went to live in New York when she was twelve.
Scarlet had a hard time getting over her parents' death and she let herself go. She dyed her hair scarlet red, got her nose and belly button pierced plus multiple ear piercings, she stole, lied, and cheated


5. The robbery and the blonde haired boy.

I woke up to a loud alarm sound coming from across the street. I had no idea what it was but I wanted to find out. I got dressed in my favourite red ripped skinny jeans, a black tank top, combat boots and my favourite leather jacket. I brushed out my long strait red hair, grabbed my phone and left. I ran across the street only to find a robbery in one of the shops. The robbers were still there, but I got in anyway. But I wasn't the only one there. I saw a boy with blonde hair being pushed up against a wall by one of the guys with a gun to his head. He was cute, and had beautiful blue eyes. He had a deep cut on his arm and he was loosing a lot of blood. I snuck up behind one of the robbers, and broke his neck. After that I took his gun and did the same to the others until I got to the guy who was holding the boy against the wall. I snuck up behind him and held him in a tight head lock, and knocked him out. I saved the blonde boy and brought him somewhere safe and removed the bandana from his mouth, allowing him to speak. I instantly regretted that because I was bombarded with questions. "Shut up." I commanded. He obeyed. "One at a time." I said. "Who are you?" He asked. "You'll find out later." I said. "Where did you come from?" He asked. "My flat. You'll find out where that is later too" I answered. "Why did you save me?" "Because I couldn't let them kill you and get away. Look, the cops are already after me so I'm taking you back to my flat and I'll answer more questions there. We gotta go before the cops get here. " I said and brought him to my flat. Lucky for me the shop that got robbed was a pharmacy so I grabbed a first aid kit, extra bandages, band-aids, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and some cream to help the stinging. When we got back to my flat he started asking questions again. "Shut up. My turn." "Ok." He said. "Why did you go over there?" I asked. "What do you mean?" He replied. "I know exactly what happened. It's not like its the first time I've dealt with something like this. So don't lie." I told him. "Okay Ms. Know-It-All, what happened?" "You were in your flat doing whatever when you heard the shop alarm go off so genuinely curious, you went to go investigate, which was stupid of you. You figured you would be able to get in and figure out what was going on but you couldn't and instead you got yourself caught and held hostage. Correct?" "Yes." He said ashamed. "My turn." He said. "Okay" I replied. "Why are you here?" He asked. "Do you have time?" I shot back.
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