Scarlet(the original)

The version of scarlet that I originally posted was an accident and it was missing the prologue. When Scarlet Jordan turned eleven her life changed.
Her parents got into a car crash and they both died.
She went to go live with her best friend Hannah in Florida.
They attended 6th grade together.
Scarlet, Hannah and Hannah's
Parents went to live in New York when she was twelve.
Scarlet had a hard time getting over her parents' death and she let herself go. She dyed her hair scarlet red, got her nose and belly button pierced plus multiple ear piercings, she stole, lied, and cheated


9. Relocate

*On the phone with American police.*
Scarlet: Hello?
Police: Hello, this is the American police. Is this Ms. Scarlet Jordan?
Scarlet: maybe. What do you want?
Police: We are gonna need you to come to America and go to the Las Angeles Police Department.
Scarlet: and why is that?
Police: because you have been being chased since you were thirteen.
Scarlet: well I'm in a different country now so you can't get me.
Police: very well. We'll just have to contact the London police.
Scarlet: how'd you know I was in London?
Police: we have our ways.
Scarlet:whatever. Bye *hangs up phone*
Honestly I wasn't worried at all. It was Hannah and Niall I was worried about. Now I have to relocate somewhere before the cops get me.
"Hey Han?" I asked
"Yeah?" She yelled/questioned from the kitchen.
"Come here" I yelled
"Okay" she said and started walking to my room.
"Han, remember when we were thirteen and I told that I would end up in jail by the time I was eighteen?" "Yeah, why, weren't you joking?" "Well..." "You weren't joking" she said, shocked. "No. The cops have been after me since I was thirteen, but I told told you it was a joke." "Why would you lie to me Scar?" "Sorry. That's why I had to leave the U.S. and that's why I couldn't take you with me. " "well, how are you gonna tell Niall?" She asked "I kinda already did" "oh..." She almost sounded disappointed. I further explained that I have to relocate and then I called Niall.
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