Scarlet(the original)

The version of scarlet that I originally posted was an accident and it was missing the prologue. When Scarlet Jordan turned eleven her life changed.
Her parents got into a car crash and they both died.
She went to go live with her best friend Hannah in Florida.
They attended 6th grade together.
Scarlet, Hannah and Hannah's
Parents went to live in New York when she was twelve.
Scarlet had a hard time getting over her parents' death and she let herself go. She dyed her hair scarlet red, got her nose and belly button pierced plus multiple ear piercings, she stole, lied, and cheated


6. I want nothing to do with you.

"I've got all the time you need love." He said. "Ok. Here it goes. " I had an average family like anybody else, except me and my mum didn't exactly get along. I was only 11 though. I remember my father telling me 'if you and your mothers relationship is bad now, it will be bad forever. Remember, you won't always have her.' I took those words for granted. My mum and I got into a huge fight the night her and my father were going out. That night I got a call from the police saying my parents had gotten into a car wreck and they passed. After I got the call I ran to my best friend Hannah's house and her family happily took me in. But I let my self go. Completely. I've gotten arrested 5 or 6 times since then. I used to steal and only got busted once. The cops are still after me. After i turned 13 I dyed my hair red."
"Why would you do that?" He asked. Genuinely concerned. " let me finish." I said bluntly. " I started cheating on tests and things like that in school and it gradually got worse the older I got. I never got busted for that. I used forgery a lot, but nobody knew. And nobody will know. I snuck out one night with Hannah when we were 15 and we took all the money we saved up and we came here to London. There was some type of robbery going on in one of the shops. And of course being the kind of person I am, I went to go check it out and that's how I met you. You were the genius who went to go check it out before I got there and you got yourself hurt and kidnapped. So like I said, I wanted nothing to do with you. But seeing you we're hurt, I brought you back to my flat and fixed you up." I said. "That's my story. Feel free to ask "
Moments later I was bombarded with questions. After I answered almost all of them I went to go make tea. "How did we get out alive?" He asked. "Do you have time?" I asked him. Knowing this is another long story. "Yes. I'm staying with you, remember? Plus I have no car or anything." He said. I showed a small smile. "Ok. When I was younger, I was bullied. They would try to pick fights and stuff like that. My dad was in the military and after he served he was in the FBI so he knew how to fight and he taught me. I also learned how to shoot all kinds of guns. I can kill someone 15 different ways, break their arm(s) and leg(s) about 10 different ways, knock someone out 20 different ways and break their neck 4 or 5 different ways." I told him. " does that's answer your question?" I asked him.
He shook his head nervously. "Dont worry. I won't hurt you. Just don't piss me off. Ok?" I said. "Y-yes." He stuttered. 'Good.' I thought. 'Now he knows I can kick is ass if he rats on me to the cops. ' "Oh, and Niall" I said sweetly. "Y-yeahh?" He answered, still terrified. "The cops are after me, so be a good boy and don't rat on me ok?" He didn't answer. So I said "Or else." He then promised he wouldn't tell a soul he knew me. The cops wanted me for various reasons. The only way they could determine who I was, My red eyes and now my hair. So if they hear the word 'red' I'm a goner." "Wow. That wasn't what I expected." He said. "I know."
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