Scarlet(the original)

The version of scarlet that I originally posted was an accident and it was missing the prologue. When Scarlet Jordan turned eleven her life changed.
Her parents got into a car crash and they both died.
She went to go live with her best friend Hannah in Florida.
They attended 6th grade together.
Scarlet, Hannah and Hannah's
Parents went to live in New York when she was twelve.
Scarlet had a hard time getting over her parents' death and she let herself go. She dyed her hair scarlet red, got her nose and belly button pierced plus multiple ear piercings, she stole, lied, and cheated


2. Car Wreck.

"Scarlet!" My mum yelled from downstairs. "What do you want?!" I shot back. No answer. "What the hell do you want!?" I screamed. "Get your ass down here young lady. You have absolutely no right to talk to me like that" she said. "whatever." I said bluntly. "Your grounded...again" she said. "And why would that be?" I asked sarcastically. "I'm tired of you talking back and I know you snuck out last night." She said. "I figured." I said. So what. I snuck out last night. It's not like its the first time and its not like I won't do it again. And besides. I didn't go that far. I went to Hannah's house and she lives right around the block. "We are leaving in 30 minutes John!" My mum called to my dad. "Okay Emily." He called. Then he called me to his office. "Scarlet, if you and your mothers relationship is bad now, it will be bad forever. Remember, you won't always have her." He told me. All I said was "whatever. " and left. I took those words for granted. That night about two hours after they left I got a call from the police.
*on the phone with police*
Scarlet: 'hello?'
Police: 'hello, is this Ms. Scarlet Jordan?
Scarlet: 'Um...yes. '
Police: 'well I am sorry to inform you that your parents had gotten into a car wreck earlier tonight and they both passed away.'
Scarlet: 'your lying!"
Police: 'No. I'm sorry'
Scarlet: 'don't be. Thanks for letting me know.'
Police: 'your welcome.'
Scarlet: 'yeah. Bye'
Police: 'bye'
*end of phone call*
By now my eyes were a light red from sorrow. I threw the phone and ran to my room. I grabbed a suitcase and threw as much stuff in it as possible and called Hannah.
*on the phone with Hannah*
Hannah: hello? Scar?
Scarlet: Hannah?!
Hannah: Scar! What's wrong?!
Scarlet: my parents got in a car wreck and I have no place to go. Can I stay with you?
Hannah: oh my gosh! Scar! Yes. I'll be right over to help you pack.
Scarlet: thanks Han.
Hannah: no problem Scar.
*phone call ends*
I was in tears on my bed when I heard a knock on the door. I went to go get it hoping it was Hannah. I needed som comfort and she was like my sister. Thank god it was Hannah.
My mascara and eyeliner made dark shadows under my eyes making me look like a raccoon. "Oh my gosh! Scar!" Hannah yelled. "You look awful!" "Gee. Thanks Hannah." I said sarcastically. " I've never seen your eyes that colour before." She said. " that's because you've never seen me when I'm sad without the colour contacts." I said. " that's true." She said. "C'mon. Lets go pack and then we'll go to my house. Ok?" She said. "Yeah. Thanks Han" "no problem." It's been about an hour and we were almost done packing. All I needed was my mums favourite necklace and my dads Giants football jersey and I would be done. Hannah's parents came and picked us up. For the first couple of nights I slept on an air mattress until we got my bed into the extra bedroom, which for some odd reason had no furniture in it. About a year later Hannah's parents announced we are moving to New York.
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