Scarlet(the original)

The version of scarlet that I originally posted was an accident and it was missing the prologue. When Scarlet Jordan turned eleven her life changed.
Her parents got into a car crash and they both died.
She went to go live with her best friend Hannah in Florida.
They attended 6th grade together.
Scarlet, Hannah and Hannah's
Parents went to live in New York when she was twelve.
Scarlet had a hard time getting over her parents' death and she let herself go. She dyed her hair scarlet red, got her nose and belly button pierced plus multiple ear piercings, she stole, lied, and cheated


8. Can you cope with what I do?

"Is there anything else you wanna know about me?" I ask him
"Yes" he answers flatly. "Well then what is it?" I ask a bit cranky. "Do you have a boyfriend?" He asks anxiously. "No." I said. "Do you want one?" He asks, a bit hesitant. "No, maybe. What are you implying here Mr. Horan?" "Nothing. I just thought a beautiful girl like yourself would have one." He says. "Well I don't. And I don't want one, so don't ask." I say, a little harsher than intended. "Okay." He says, putting his head down. I felt bad all of the sudden. Almost guilty. I never feel guilty. Ever. "How about this Niall, I'll consider it...if you show you can cope with what I do and not rat on me to the cops." I said. "Ok, but you have to be able to cope with my career too." He says, a bit concerned. "And what is your career, Mr. Horan?" You ask sarcastically. "I'm a singer, in a band" "Hey! Have you heard of One Direction?" He says, quickly changing the subject. "I have heard of them. My favourite is the blonde, Irish one. Do you know him?" You say. Playing along. "I do know him." He says and then kissed me lightly on the nose. "You wanna watch a movie?" I asked bringing him to the living room. "Sure. What movie?" He says. "I don't know, the notebook?" I said, even though I was bad and dangerous, I loved the notebook. It was one of my favourite movies. I put the DVD in the machine and we cuddled on the sofa. I ended up falling asleep on Niall's shoulder. I woke up to a loud bang in the kitchen and grabbed the hand gun I hid under one of the sofa cushions and slowly walked into the kitchen only to see Niall with a sandwich in his hand. "Really Niall! You scared the sh-" he cut me off by placing his lips on top of mine, shutting me up. We then put our foreheads together and stayed like that for a while. And may I just say, THAT WAS THE BEST KISS OF MY LIFE!
*Authors Note:
I don't know if I like this chapter. Let me know what you think. This also is my first movella I probably should've put that in the beginning. Oh well. Please like favourite and comment. Xx
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