When the world comes crashing down

When 18 year old Bailee~Rae's life comes crashing down around her who will be there to save her other than The boys oh one direction :)


1. The Olympics

I sat there waiting nervously for my turn just the thought of being Canada's youngest skater one the ice scared me half to death ,my partner Zach sat next to me trying to comfort me.as the skater before use finished we stepped on the ice the begging went wonder full but the next thing I knew me and Zach tripped and his skate blade was in my face.I Screamed in horror the pain was unbearable and i could taste the blood the last thing i thought before and blacked out was my family more importantly my best friend Niall, what if i die i never got to tell him i love him ....
I woke up in a very white room and my face hurt very much.I looked over to see my mum watching me in horror ,"they said you might never wake up "she whispered in disbelief well tears rolled down her face.I smiled a crooked smile saying "how could i leave u Mum i love u to much, but may I ask if Niall is here." She Look so happy to hear me speak "yes he just arrived i will get him for you" she smiled leaving the room
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