When the world comes crashing down

When 18 year old Bailee~Rae's life comes crashing down around her who will be there to save her other than The boys oh one direction :)


2. Horror (Niall's pov)

Me and the boys sat waiting in the lobby hospital to see is Bailee was ok .Louis looked up from his phone "Niall why are me and the boys here if she is your best friend?" I sat there staring at him kn disbelief "because Lou I didn't want to sit here all alone" just as i finished my sentence Bailee's Mum Marsha started to run up to me and the boys all the boys just sat there with funny looks on there faces as i hugged her when we pulled away she look at me with surprise and relief in her eyes "she is up and asking for you ,I think it would be best if you went and saw her but please Niall don't say anything about her stitches she hasn't seen them yet" i nodded and walked towards her room .

(Bailee's pov)

As Niall walked into my room i smiled a little but not much for some reason it hurt to much to smile.
He looked and me with pure surprise one his face or was it horror a what ever i couldn't tell "Hi Nialler." I said quietly and he sat down next to my bed "hi twirls"
He replied i always hated that nickname it was short for twirl girl the nickname my coach back home gave me i chuckled a little then i got right to what i wanted to no "Ni how bad does it look" i asked lightly poking him "How bad does what look " he said smiling i glared and and put my hand out for his phone he did as told and gave it to me i gasped in horror as tears fell down my face " i'm so ugly now " i gasped handing him his phone covering my eyes cry Niall lightly to my hand and whispered "Bia you are not ugly love your beautiful" i smiled and blushed "Thanks Ni" we talked about stuff for the rest of the day until i dozed off
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