When the world comes crashing down

When 18 year old Bailee~Rae's life comes crashing down around her who will be there to save her other than The boys oh one direction :)


3. Falling

(Niall's pov)

I woke up beside Bailee's bed her beautiful fake blonde hair all messed up we dyd bloth of are hair together when we where 9 her beautiful blue eyes on mine "morning Ni" she said in her sweet sing song voice I similed "morning love" she blushed making me smile like a dork come on Niall don't make a fool of your self I said in my head she looked at me with the most incident eyes "Nialler I'm hungry" she winned at me. I sight" ok let's go eat" she smiled and I helped her out of bed and walked to the cafeteria. As soon as we where thou the door she looked up at me with puppy dog eyes" I want really food Ni" she puted witch made we blush at how cute she look "then let's get out of here" I wisperd only to turn around and find the boys staring at use both.Bailee giggled and I smiled "morning boys this Bailee ,Bailee this is Liam,Zayn,Harryand Louis"I said smiling "hello boys "she said sweetly then turned to me "Ni let's go I'm starving " I laught and wh went a got checked out leavening for Mc,Donalds
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