When the world comes crashing down

When 18 year old Bailee~Rae's life comes crashing down around her who will be there to save her other than The boys oh one direction :)


4. Bad news

(Bailee's pov)

We all got into a van to go Mc,Donald's when my phone went off I pulled it out of my pocket it was my coach so I answered it and immediately stared to cry.......she fired me......I lost my job the on thing I loved gone ."Twirls you alright?" I looked over to see a worried Niall looking at confused I just sat there and shoke my head no .ever so slightly my breathing my faster and heavier great just what I need an anxiety attack "Niall" I managed to whisper he looked over at me and immediately toke my hand "Twirls what happend on the phone ?" Niall asked me quietly "she fired me "I manged to croak out as a tear fell down my face by then all the boys were staring at me I just sat there and cuddled up to my Ni...when we got there Niall get me my food knowing exactly what I wanted I smiled and kissed his cheek "thank you love" he blushed the cutest shade of red I lightly wispered in his ear"your blushing Ni" he stared and me in disbelief "AM NOT" he yelled a little loud causing people to stare but instantly look at me I looked down like cone on its not like I'm any thing special just the girl who's world is crashing down around her
As we went to get into the car Liam pulled me to the side "Bailee do you like Niall" he asked me with a smile I just smiled like a dork "always have"I whispered and got into the van with a crooked smile on my face
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