Emma has been hating Harry styles for years. Wen they finally get a break from eachother.After being apart for 5 years wen they finally meet face to face will her feelings cange for him ? read the book to find out.


4. Uk performing arts school

~5 years later~ (sorry for the huge time diffrence)

Emma's P.O.V

I got my last pair  of shoes and i putted in my suitcase i den satdown on my suitcase to try to close it . It was the first time i was gonna go away so i kinda over packed. I went to look in the miror to fix my hair i couldn't believe i got acepeted to the Uk performing arts school . I heard a honk outside i went to look out my window and i saw cindy i quickly got my suitcase and ran outside before i went outside i gave my mum a million kisses and hugs.

''I'm gonna miss you'' i heard my mom say while almost crying

'' aww mum it's only a year'' i said while giving her another hug to calm her down

she gave me a kiss on my cheek and i went outside.

''Hey cindy '' i screamed wile giving her a big hug

''hey emma '' i heard her say while we hugged again

i threw the suitcase in the trunk and jumped in the car. i put in my earbuds and lisented to music the whole ride it was only a 10 minute ride .

Wen we got there. there was this huge building it was so fancy . I quickly hopped out of the car and got my suitcase and followed cindy who was half way inside.I got my letter out wich was the letter  that told  me i got acepeted into the Uk performing art school. I read the letter and it said i'm staying in room 230.

''Great'' i heard cindy say

''were gonna be roommates'' i heard her scream with joy and we walked down the hall to room 203 cindy quickly opened the door and our mouth just dropped it was huge there was a living room a kitchen and 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. me and cindy ran around to see  wich bed we liked the most .I liked the one on the left and she liked the one on the right.We went in our rooms to unpack on our beds ther was a key to this room and a note on the note it said.


We will be having a meet and greet at 4 so we would like to see you will be heald in the lounge.

-Miss Jones

''Cindy did you also get a note'' i shouted from my room

''Yup'' i heard her shout

so we both went to get ready i took off my cloths and quickly stepped in the shower the water hitted my bare skin wen i was finally ready i stepped out of the shower and dryed myself and blowdryed my hair i put on some makeup i threw on a pair of shorts and an off the shoulder top with a cami under my off the shoulder top i threw on my wite  toms and went in the living room and read a magizine while i waited for cindy.

''are you ready'' i heard cindy say.

''yup'' i screamend and we went down to the lounge

she was wearing a long dress and a pair of high heels she had lots of makeup on and she had a ton of jewerly.

Wen we finally got to the lounge we saw a bunch of girls and boys we took our seats and waited for the meet and great to start there weren't alot of poeple only like 20.

''Hello'' i heard someone was i'm geussing one of the teachers here.

''hi my name is Ms. Jones i'm not only youre drama teacher but also the head of the school i would like you to welcome you to the meet and greet''  she said .

''So for this semester we will be having a speciale geust'' i heard her say

''And the guest are the one and only one direction '' she said with a big smile evrey body stared fangirling

Then five boys came out and you would never geuss who one  of the boys were.


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