Emma has been hating Harry styles for years. Wen they finally get a break from eachother.After being apart for 5 years wen they finally meet face to face will her feelings cange for him ? read the book to find out.


3. relief

Emma's P.O.V

I got my backpack and ran down stairs i gave my mum a goodbye kiss and i went outside to try to catch my bus but i was to late the bus already left and i had to walk to school.It stared to rain and i got soaking wet.I walked down the halway and all my eyes were on me i went to my locker to get my books to return them to Miss.Jen sins it was the last day of school i walked as fast as i could so harry could not see me but i was to slow he walked behind me i had my hoodie on so nobody can see my red hair.He pulled my hoodie down and revealed my red hair i ignored him and just went in the libray to return my books.

I gave Miss.Jen  big hug i was gonna miss her since she was my fav teacher. I went to cindy's locker

''hey Emma'' i heard her shout

i quickly ran to her.

''wat happend to you'' she said while staring at my red hair.

''wait let me guess'' she said

''Harry'' we both said in union

''I'm really gonna mis you'' she said

''wat do you think i'm not gonna mis you'' i said while giving her hug

'' well we can see each other again if we make it in the Uk arts school'' she said with a smirk

''o i'm gonna miss you'' i said while giving her a big hug

''bye '' i said while slowy walking away

''bye'' i heard her shout

There i was leaving my high school the day was short since we could leave after we return our books.I was sad that i was leaving cindy and it was a big relief lieving harry.i said with a big smile while leaving the school

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