Emma has been hating Harry styles for years. Wen they finally get a break from eachother.After being apart for 5 years wen they finally meet face to face will her feelings cange for him ? read the book to find out.


2. caught him red handed

Harry's P.O.V

'' Oke i need something good something that if i do it to her she will get so mad that she will leave town'' i said to myself.

After a while of thinking of and idea......

''I got it i'm gonna switch her shampoo with hair dye '' i said with an evil laugh.

I got my black sweather and threw it on i sliped on some dark wash jeans and i got my beenie and threw it on lastly i got my backback. And off to emma's house.I kinda dated her sister for a while so i knew were her house was and i knew were the bathroom was. Wen i got there i saw that the bathroom window was open.

''Phew'' i said kinda loud but not to loud.

Luckly i was not fat so i slipped threw the window and i got in easy first thing i did was lock the bathroom door so nobody can get in. I got the shampoo and poor the sahmpoo in a tiny bottle and poor the red hair dye in the shampoo bottle. I quickly unlocked the door and slipped threw the window back outside. An ran as fast possible home.

Emma's P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of baking i quickly put on my slippers and went downstairs.

''Morning mum''  i said with a big smile on my face.

''Morning sweetheart '' she said while giving me a kiss.

''Breakfast smells good'' i said wile sniffing the food like a puppy.

'' Well i'm gonna go take a shower and maybe wash my hair'' i said

''Oke sweetheart'' my mom said all the way frome the kitchen sins i already was upstairs.

I took of  my cloths and quickly jumped in the shower . The warm water ran over my bare skin. I pored water over my hair so it would wet i got my shampoo and rubed it all over my scalp. I left it in for 15 minutes and then washed it out . I  stepped out of the shower and dryed myself. And then dryed of my hair.I quickly got my robe and put it on . i went to look in the miror to see if i had  to blowdry my hair and wen i saw myself my mouth dropped. My hair was red super red as red as the roses in the garden.

''Mum'' i screamed on top of my lungs.

''Wat's wrong'' she said while walking in to the bathroom her mouth dropped just like mine.

''W-wat happend '' she asked.

''I don't know i said while walking to the shower and picked up my sampoo to see if it was really my shampoo and it was but it had red hair dye instead of my usaul shampoo.I  ran out of the bathroom in my room. I quickly put on some makeup and put my hair in a bun. i got my hoodie and put it on i slipped on some wite capri's and got my light pink toms and quickly put them on.

'' I will get you good i will get you good styles '' i said while almost screaming.

My mom was standing at the door .

''How do you know it's him ''my mom said,

'' I just know it he's the only one who would do such thing '' i said . my mom gave me a weird look and she walked away.

'' Just one more day then i will not have deal with him anymore'' i said with anger in my voice.

''And i will get him good so good that he would wanna leave town and never come back'' i said with a evil smirk on my face.


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