Forever&Always (One Direction story)

A girl name Darcy goes on a vacation with her best friend Tarah. On summer vacation and goes to the UK.Since they are both directioners they go eat at Nandos only to find the thing they will always remember!<3



I might start a new book so if you wan to read it then keep a eye on it.

 So the girls were coming Perrie,Danelle (i think thats how you spell it) and El are coming. "So were are we going next?" I asked Harry "Italy." " We are staying there for a week so we can have lots of time to explore Italy. * KISSES ME ON CHEEK* "BOOOOOOOOOO" I hear the boys scream. They were just sad that they didn't have anyone to kiss. When we finally got to the hotel Harry said he had a surprise for me. So I followed him to the back parking lot. Were I saw a big tour bus That was mine. "Omg!" i said I went up to my room and got my thing and put them in my bus. It was so pretty but the bunks needed some bling. Thats when it hit me. I had a idea " "Were are the boys ?" " Room 105 " Harry said i ran to the room and knocked hard . "Louis open '' whats wrong ? " " I have an idea" "What?" "THE GIRLS CAN STAY IN MY BUS!" " Really" Louis and Zayn also Liam said at the same time I nodded in agreement. Louis hugged me. Thats when Harry came in the room. " WHOA" what happened " "Darcy is letting the girls stay in her bus!" Louis said in fake tears. the rest of the night I spent thinking of what my bunk should look like.

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