Forever&Always (One Direction story)

A girl name Darcy goes on a vacation with her best friend Tarah. On summer vacation and goes to the UK.Since they are both directioners they go eat at Nandos only to find the thing they will always remember!<3


6. Ok ill do it

AN okay i bet this will turn out cursive im not making it cursive sorry if it turns out like this i bet it will okay so here are the shoutout to @the h team who told me sorry im not making it like it only ch.2&5 is like it on my phone i have the app.

                                                     Darcy's pov

 Should I we do need money my  mom can't pay bills. "Fine I'll do it." I said nervous I was nervous to see there boss Simon C. is this really happening I thought. "YESSSS!!" they all sceamed. Liam and Niall and Zayn grabb me "What are you doing?" I asked why is One Direction kidnapping me."We're taking you to Simon." Niall said. "well you know I can walk right."I said "fine."Zayn said " You take the fun out." **AFTER TALKING AND SINGING** "Okay you just need to sign here and you need to go threw this and be back at 12:00pm before the boys leave." He handed me a big stack of papers. As we walked back to the boys room.They opened the room.There was a big mess I entered.And shut the door "What are you doing ?" Louis asked "Cleaning up a bit." i said I opened the door. "Okay come in ." i said Liam helped me threw the stack of papers "Finally done." I said It was already 10 so I went to the room and packed i said bye to my friend.(she was happy for me). It was already 11:45am i was suppose to met the boys at there room then leave.*knock* they opened the door "DARCY'S BACK " Louis said.I helped them pack .Now it was  12 we went down stairs to the lobby.Were I met Paul."You will share a bus with the boys for 4 mouths or sooner while you get your own bus don't worry they are extra bunks. "Okay.". As we got on the bus was huge."Here are the rules there will be no leaving the bus without cheacking with one of us. and 2 NO SEX ON THE BUS OK CLEAR!"Louis said "Oh and there is a bunk full of stuff so you will share a bunk with Harry today only ." Liam said since they all had girlfriends (in this story they all do except Niall & Harry)


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