Forever&Always (One Direction story)

A girl name Darcy goes on a vacation with her best friend Tarah. On summer vacation and goes to the UK.Since they are both directioners they go eat at Nandos only to find the thing they will always remember!<3


1. Introducing Darcy

Hi im Darcy i have dirty blonde hair light blue eyes my favorite band  is One Direction.My favorite color is purple my best friend is Tarah Wood.I live in New York City.My full name is Darcy Anabeth Brown. My favorite things to do are swim (when its warm of course).Hangout with friends.I love cheer especially.I play all sports.I am  nineteen  years old.Thats pretty much it.




Darcys P.O.V

We were about to get on the plane to the UK."Im so nervous." I told my bff I couldn't believe that we were going on summer vacation. "Plane to the UK" the flight lady said.We all put our seat belts on now we were up in the air I couldnt believe this was happening.during the plane ride i fell asleep.







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