Love Sam...x

‘2 years Sam, can you believe that? I can’t.’ In less than 10 minutes, I’d get to actually talk to him in the flesh again, finally. ‘I missed you Sam.’ Not just any person would get me sitting on a park bench in the middle of winter; I hope you realise that Sam... Because I love you.


6. What is us?

I couldn’t believe I was actually meeting Sam, the Sam every girl in the year had a crush one. I felt sort of bad that I was going behind Kim’s back to go on this date. Oh’ god, does this count as a date, if it is, this is my first date! Big deal alert! It will probably not lead to anything, so maybe Kim doesn’t need to know anything, I’ll have to think about it. Luckily mum had let me out because I said I was going to book club at the library, which she thinks I go to every week but I end up sitting in the park reading or going to Kim’s house, luckily she’s never checked up on me by actually going to the library, I don’t think she even knows where it is. No way that they would let me out if I’d say, “I’m just meeting a boy in the park at 7 at night! Is that alright?” and they’d go nuts, say no and ask for Sam to come to dinner, he would come over, be scared off and never talk to me ever again.


The park was still full of mums and dads playing with their children, people walking dogs, families taking picnics; that’s what I love about summer, you get more out of your day and you can stay out late but still the sun is up and it’s still warm outside. It was 5 minutes to 7, I didn’t want to be late, make him think I wasn’t coming; I walked up the hill towards the apple tree that was just a silhouette on the horizon. Sam was there, I could see him, just sitting.

“Hi…” I slid myself onto the bench next to him; he looked at me like he was shocked to see me here,

“You came?” He smiled; Sam Gregory was pleased to see me!

“Yeah, you sound surprised?” Sam lent forward, taking away my shade, I squinted.

“Well, you just didn’t seem interested. But girls who you drop milkshake on when you first meet don’t really tend to want to meet up again; well that was my experience of girls anyway.” He smirked, “But I guess you’re different Millie, you are the sort of girl who likes guys who humiliate you in public.” Good point.

“Well, I used to like chocolate milkshake, until it’s made my bedding and wardrobe smell of it permanently.” He sat back again, blocking out the setting sun, good thing really considering my squinting face isn’t one of my attractive faces from what I’m aware of.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” He looked back out into the distance,

“So we met by you chucking milkshake at my face, and we only talk when we’re sitting on a bench or through a letter. I don’t think Taylor Swift could even write a song about that!” We both laughed,

“I chucked milkshake at your fa-aaaaaa-ce, and now we’re sitting on a be-eeeee-nch again! Maybe I’ll write you a le-eeeeeeee-ter when I deliver your paper tom-oooooor-or-ow!” He jokingly sang, I was almost crying with laughter, I never realised how much personality he had in that pretty head of his.

“You were writing me another letter then Taylor?” I don’t know if it was just me, but it seemed like it he had come closer to me.

“Well do you like them?” He asked me, but of course I bloodly liked the hottest and popular guy in school writing me letters.

“Yeah, just need to get to the paper before mum or my step-dad does though, considering they think I’m at book club right now.”

“Rebellious!” He winked,

“What is this Sam?” I asked him, he looked blankly at me,

“What do you mean?”

“Us?” I looked at him, and he looked at me,

“Let’s see?” And then I kissed him and he kissed me, just like that.

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