Love Sam...x

‘2 years Sam, can you believe that? I can’t.’ In less than 10 minutes, I’d get to actually talk to him in the flesh again, finally. ‘I missed you Sam.’ Not just any person would get me sitting on a park bench in the middle of winter; I hope you realise that Sam... Because I love you.


4. RIP Sheep Bra...

“Are you sure you didn’t do that on purpose Millie?” Kim was perched on the side of the sinks, picking at her nails,

“Oh’ yeah Kim, I really wanted milkshake thrown all over me and the whole of our year laughing at me, completely making a fool of myself! Yeah, I do that sort of stuff on purpose!” I threw down the napkin into the bin next to her. I can’t believe she was accusing me of bumping into Sam on purpose, if I was going to do that I would have worn a less embarrassing bra!

“Just asking…” Kim glanced at me, before getting out her mobile, and putting her glasses back on.

“You may as well go, I’ll be a while anyway, and it’s getting late.” Kim jumped down from the sinks,

“It’s only 8:50 though…” I raised my eyebrows,

“Go Kim.” She smiled at me before leaving the toilets; sometimes Kim can be a right idiot, like Sam would even go for her… Actually I take that back, that sounded bitchy. I looked at myself and the massive stain down one of my best and most expensive shirt I owned; I was going to have a great time trying to get that out without mum or David seeing. I grabbed my bag from the side and left the toilets, I wouldn’t get home in time, well maybe if I ran, but I had no reason to, I was exhausted even though most of this evening was spend in the loo. I hope Kim wouldn’t stay like the Kim who didn’t wear glasses, wore high heels and caked herself in make-up; I didn’t want to lose the crazy friend, my only friend, on the first day of the new term. But it might be going that way if she likes Sam; it’s all Sam’s bloody fault.  The milkshake bar was now empty, a hazard sign over the place where I lost my dignity. I thanked the staff and made my way out into the car park.


“Hey Millie wait up!” I looked round to see Sam come out of the darkness, exactly who I didn’t need to see.

“Hi…” He caught up with me and smiled,

“Sorry about that…” He glanced at the massive brown stain on my front, “Nice bra by the way!” He laughed as I covered my front, I blushed; the most popular boy at school complimented my bra choice! I’m not planning on telling Kim that.

“Thanks…” It went silent for a minute,

“Can I walk you home, for embarrassing you and to make it up to you?” I nodded; I didn’t want to muck this up for Kim,

“So did Lola put you up to that then?” I asked him, as we walked up the high street, the sky was pink as the sun was setting behind the hill in the distance. I love that, it’s my favourite part of summer, the sunset. 

“No, but she probably would do that sort of thing. Sometimes I really don’t like how she acts.” I looked at him,

“But she’s your girlfriend?” He laughed as he flicked his blonde hair from his eyes,

“Na, was my girlfriend.” We turned down my road, I should properly tell him to go, if my parents saw me with a boy when I was meant to be revising with Kim they’d go crazy!

“This is my street; I can go from here Sam.” Sam smiled,

“Seriously, you like on this street?! Wow, the houses are massive!” He looked at me, but I looked away, trying to avoid eye contact. “I deliver papers up here on Wednesday mornings, what house is yours?” I pointed down the road a bit,

“Number 32.” Sam smiled, this was one interesting conversation, but I wasn’t trying to make conversation with.

“You’re dad had a go at me once, I put too many leaflets in for his liking I think…” I looked at him, but this time I ended up making eye contact.

“He’s not my dad, my step-dad, sounds like something he would do!”  Awkward silence no.2, I did see what all the girls saw it Sam, the flicky golden hair, the deep blue eyes, the perfect skin, the general hotness, but like I said, miles out of my league. He put his hand into his pockets,

“So I better go, see you around yeah?” He smiled,

“Maybe…” He winked before turning round and walking away back up the street. I waited for a minute until he turned the corner before walking to my house.


“How was revision Amelia?” David asked as I tried to make a dash for my room, stopping me in my tracks, luckily he busy making the bed in the spare room so he didn’t turn round, thank god!

“Yeah really well, I need the toilet sorry.”  I ran up the second set of stairs and into my room, shutting the door behind me. I opened my wardrobe door, throwing my mulberry bag onto a shelf, and kicking off my shoes, I needed to somehow get rid these milkshake covered clothes without someone noticing. I pulled off my shirt, rolled it into a ball and decided to hide it in an old shoebox right in the back self, no one ever looks there I hope. Great, my favourite sheep bra had a massive brown stain across one side, turning the white cartoon sheep and the clouds a brown colour. That meant this one had to go into the shoebox as well, along with my shorts, when mum and David go out I’ll dispose of them. Does milkshake go mouldy though?

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