Love Sam...x

‘2 years Sam, can you believe that? I can’t.’ In less than 10 minutes, I’d get to actually talk to him in the flesh again, finally. ‘I missed you Sam.’ Not just any person would get me sitting on a park bench in the middle of winter; I hope you realise that Sam... Because I love you.


5. Our year...

‘Mmmmmm, chocolate milkshake…’ I pulled up the cover over my face, it smelt so good, I blinked hardly. ‘Ewwww, chocolate bloody milkshake…’ I remembered what had happened last night, please say everyone had school had forgotten.

“Miss Amelia, it is time for you to get up…” Julie whispered as she pushed me a bit to wake me up, “I’ve washed and ironed your clothes, I’ve left them on the side for you and your breakfast will be ready in 10 minutes. Quick, quick!” I turned over to see Julie leave my room shutting the door behind her.  I rubbed my eyes, and got out of bed glancing at myself in my dressing table mirror, the ends of my hair had turned a dark ‘chocolate milkshake’ brown, and I’d gone all dip-dyed! I threw on my uniform, packed all my things into my back and made my way downstairs.


“Amelia dear, can you pick up the paper from the door please?” Mum called from the kitchen as I jumped off the last set of stairs, mum is such a hypocrite, I can’t close a door loudly put she can scream at me from the other side of the house?! I ran over to the doormat where the paper was lying, I’m surprised she didn’t get Julie to do it to be honest, but I didn’t really mind doing it. I picked it up, just as an envelope dropped out, just a leaflet, I’ll chuck that out before David sees and rants about it. I put the paper on the sideboard and picked up the envelope, turning it over to see what was written on the front; ‘Millie’. I frowned, who would write me a letter? It didn’t even have an address on it? I ripped it open, and unfolded the piece of paper and started to read;



I just thought I’d write you a letter to say sorry about last night, I embarrassed you in front of everyone. If you hate me now I completely understand, but I’ll try my best to stop people talking about it because it was my fault, I should have been watching where I was going.


I expected you to be, I don’t know, like how all the other girls act around me, like you’d be actually pleased that I dropped two large chocolate milkshakes in your face and down your front. It’s a change actually how you weren’t all over me when I walked you home and you weren’t that bothered, I like that about you.


Anyway, did you want to meet up later? Maybe we should get a drink that I’m not going to drop on you, if you’re not busy, will you meet me at the park around 7 or something? I’d text you but I don’t have your number so we’ll communicate old school! Lucky I deliver your paper right?


See you around Millie,


Love Sam x’


I didn’t know what to do; I’d never received a letter from a guy before! I blushed before folding up the letter, stuffing it into my school bag.

“Amelia your breakfast is getting cold and where is the paper?” David shouted for me, I rolled my eyes, why did he have to ruin this beautiful moment for me? A boy, a popular hot boy, has written me a letter and I’ve hardly had a second to take in this crazy turn of events! Amelia Harris has been noticed by a boy everybody and I’m not dreaming!  Pretty crazy huh?


“Did you read the paper Amelia?” David chuckled as he sipped at his coffee, I find that so annoying about it, he makes a dig at me but coats it in sugar with that chuckle of his! I dropped the paper  in front of him and sat the opposite side of the table.

“No, I was taking out the leaflets because you made such a fuss about it to the delivery guy.” I grabbed a piece of toast from the middle and munched at it so he couldn’t question me about how I knew this delivery guy.

“Amelia, less attitude please?” Mum shook her head as she tapped away at her I-pad, sipping away at her tomato juice.

“Where you home when I gave that boy a piece of my mind then? Who would put three of the same leaflets into one paper? Silly young lad!” Normally I would comment but my stomach flipped considering they were talking about Sam. I finished my piece of toast, and decided I couldn’t sit here anymore, I needed to talk to Sam about tonight and his letter.

“Right, I’m off. Thanks for the breakfast Julie.” I grabbed my bag as Julie smiled at, she was cleaning the kitchen and loading the dishwasher. She never got a break, she worked 24/7 in this house, in return for a tiny wage and the smallest bedroom in the house. I didn’t envy her one bit. Mum coughed, not a natural cough, a selfish cough. “Thanks mum and David. Bye.” I couldn’t wait to get out of there, so I left as quickly as I could.


I spent all the time I could before Kim got to school trying to find Sam, I didn’t want to see me with Sam because I didn’t want to lose her as a friend. Eventually I found him, luckily alone as well; I didn’t fancy walking into a group of popular people. Sam was sitting on a bench in the quad, texting by the look of it. I took in a breath before making my way over to him perching on the edge of the bench.

“Hi, got your letter this morning.” I said, he looked up at me from under his fringe and smiled,

“Yeah?” He smiled, a sort of cheeky smiled, a sort of super sext smile all in one!

“Yeah, just checking it was you that actually sent it…because you asked me to meet up.”

“Well if you want to, just you seem interesting and different. Want to make it up to you for dropping the drinks on you!” I laughed,

“Sam stop with the sorry overload, it’s fine honestly.” The bell rung, and we both got up.

“So you free or what?” He asked, it wasn’t the politest way of asking a girl on a date but hey ho!

“Well it depends, when and where?” We stopped in the porch,

“That bench up the park, you know the one under the apple tree?”


“Around 7?” I nodded before walking through the door into the school, leaving Sam behind (I’ve seen a girl do that in a film, lure the guy Millie, lure the guy!)

“So is that a yes?” He called after me, I blushed and turned to him.

“It’s a maybe…”


“Hey there you are! I was looking for you!” Kim ran up behind me as I was on my way to drama,

“Yeah, had to go to the…erm…library, had some homework.” I glanced at Kim, she was back to her dippy, glasses wearing self.

“That’s funny, didn’t see you in there!” She looked at me and smiled, “Were you hiding Millie?” I blushed; I’m such a crap liar!

“No, but I went to the loo after.”  We turned down another corridor,

“You know what Millie?”

“What’s that?” I asked her, her eyes wide and glittery,

“I think this is going to be our year. I have a feeling everything is going to go right for us Millie.”

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