Love Sam...x

‘2 years Sam, can you believe that? I can’t.’ In less than 10 minutes, I’d get to actually talk to him in the flesh again, finally. ‘I missed you Sam.’ Not just any person would get me sitting on a park bench in the middle of winter; I hope you realise that Sam... Because I love you.


2. New year, fresh start...

This was officially my last year of school now, year 11, the big year. GCSE, prom, parties (like I’d even be allowed to go to them but still, it’s nice to be invited right?) Everything in school seemed smaller, even the year 9s were smaller and moved out the way when I tried to find my new locker.

“Hey Millie, wait up.” I turned round to see Kimberly running up the maths corridor, knocking out about 10 lost looking year 9s on the way, papers flying out of a folder she was carrying. Typical Kimberly, year 11, but still as completely lost and crazy as she was in year 4! I walked over to her, and scoped up some pieces of paper from the floor, shoving them back into her folder,

“I blame these new school shoes to be honest, a bit tight!” She laughed, pushing up her massive framed glasses, “Missed you Millie.” Kimberly hugged me so tight I thought she was trying to murder me but it was a bit odd considering I only saw her yesterday morning for extra biology revision!

“Kim?” She let go of me, “I only saw you yesterday, and you do remember that right?” I laughed, as we continued up the corridor,

“Of course I do silly!” She smiled, she really is nuts.

“Kim, do you by any chance where locker 316 is?” I handed her the slip of paper with my new locker details and class details on, she had the best memory at remembering pointless things, so Kimberly was my best bet.

“Yeah, just here actually.” She pointed to quite a large locker, which was so far the highlight of my day considering all the other times I’ve been at this school, I’ve ended up with the tinniest locker the school owns.  I’ve never been very lucky, but I think the school are bias because each year the ‘popular’ students demand the big lockers, so those students get them.


After my very thorough new locker inspection, (and disposing of a suspicious looking cheese sandwich, I found on the second shelve, wiping it all down with some Dettol wipes and then with some body spray from my PE kit to disguise the undesirable stench of mouldy sandwich) me and Kim found our new form classroom, a P.E classroom which meant I’d be surrounded with everything I didn’t want to know. The majority of the class was already there, socializing, catching up on the ‘amazing’ summer or the ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ they got it on with and what they got up to the rest of the time together. When it comes it my ‘summer romance’, the only relationship I had this summer was between me and my sofa, dead romantic right?!

“Oh’ look Millie it’s Sam, has he got hotter or is it just me?!” Kim let out a little girly scream, but she wasn’t wrong, Sam was hot stuff, popular and completely and utterly out of my league.  

“Oh’ and look Kim, there’s Lola.” I walked to the other side of the classroom, completely ignoring Lola all over Sam, as Kim quickly followed me as I sat a spare table in the corner.

“Well, I heard from Sarah, who heard from Jess, who heard from Billie, that Sam and Lola had a fight and they broke up.” Kim whispered, I laughed, as I turned off my phone and shoved it in my bag,

“Well they look pretty cosy to me…” We both looked over to them and from where we were it basically looked like Lola was on Sam’s lap, somebody get me a sick bucket please? Kim sunk down into her seat next to me. “And yes Kim, it will be hard for him to resist this sexy beast right here!” I winked, but she laughed, didn’t take much to cheer her up, but shows we both knew we had no chance with Sam unless I got plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian. But I don’t really know if I’d want a butt that big?!

“Me with a boyfriend, can you imagine?” Kim sighed,

“You are way too good for the idiots here, and it’s not like you are going to marry Sam?”

“Who said I wasn’t going to marry him?” I smiled,

“Oh’ come on Kim!” The teacher started to take the register so lowered our voices,

“You busy tonight?” Kim asked,

“I dunno, depend if it’s worth sneaking out, school night remember?” She passed me a leaflet for ‘Millions Milkshakes’,

“Well you know this new milkshake bar opens tonight, all the cool people are going and I’ve got this voucher and…”

“Kim, seriously, you want me to risk my life sneaking out just to go to a milkshake bar to help, maybe, boost our popularity like we try to do each year?” Kim nodded,

“Please Millie, it’s meant to be really cool, it’s our last chance to get in with that lot…” She indicated back over to the popular people across the room,

“I’ll have to see, I can’t promise anything though.” Kim smiled, and hugged me with one of her potentially suffocating hugs,

“Thanks Millie, it means a lot.” Oh’ god, I really must be crazy, she had no idea how hard it was going to be to sneak out on a Tuesday, she had no idea.

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