Love Sam...x

‘2 years Sam, can you believe that? I can’t.’ In less than 10 minutes, I’d get to actually talk to him in the flesh again, finally. ‘I missed you Sam.’ Not just any person would get me sitting on a park bench in the middle of winter; I hope you realise that Sam... Because I love you.


3. Milkshake Facial...

I’d spent most of the day listening to Kim go on about this popularity we’ll gain by going to this milkshake bar tonight, I don’t think she was really doing this on purpose but it did make me feel really bad, so it’s not like I couldn’t go now could I? I only sneak out for emergencies, and I guess Kim’s attempt of being popular is very important to her, so I class lying to my mum and step-dad in this case quite important. 


I shut the front door, flinging my shoes into the cupboard which by the look of it the cleaner had cleaned today; it even smelt nice, not shoey at all. The cleaner is this little, and I mean little, Chinese lady called Julie, I don’t know why mum can’t clean the shoe cupboard herself but I guess it’s all part of this domestic bliss lifestyle she was trying to have. Julie is a lady of very few words, she never speaks, sometimes I wonder if she likes being a cleaner, or she wished she was back home because she hates our family so much.

“Amelia, don’t slam the door!” Mum screamed from the kitchen, I’m convinced she has supersonic hearing because I didn’t even slam the door, not really. I threw my bag into the cupboard and quite hardly shut the door, just to make a point, but this time mum didn’t say anything. I made my way into the kitchen, where Julie was cooking something on the stove, wearing a piny round her waist with mum looking right over her shoulder.

“No Julie, not that much salt, do you want my family to die of heart attack Julie?” Mum snatched the spoon of Julie and started stirring whatever was on the stove, sometimes mum is a bitch to Julie,

“Finish that Julie, quick!” Mum shoved the spoon back into Julie’s hand, and Julie continued without a word. Poor woman!

“Hi mum.” I pulled up a stool on the breakfast bar; I needed to be allowed out way before David, my step-dad got home from work which I was hoping was late.

“How was your day my love?” Mum passed me a glass of smoothie, which she (Julie) had made today. I sipped it innocently,

“Yeah great, no homework today.”

“Just because you have no homework that doesn’t mean that you can stop your revision plan, slaking will not get you those A* GCSEs David and I expect from such an intelligent young lady like yourself.” I smiled at her,

“Yeah I know mum, but I was wondering around 7, could I go and revise with Kimberly?” Mum turned to Julie, sort of shoving her out of the way.

“Julie stop, don’t overdo it!” No offence to my mum or anything, but what did she know about cooking considering Julie did it all, “Julie what time will this be done?”

Julie, came and took away my glass, which I could have really done myself,

“Dinner will be ready about 6 miss.” Julie whispered before going back to preparing dinner,

“So can I go mum?” I asked,

“It’s a school night Amelia, what time will you be back home?”

“Erm, around 9, not late and we’ll be revising.” I bit my lip, come on mum, I needed to get out the easy way as I wasn’t in the mood for climbing out my bedroom window as I was knackered after double PE today.

“Should I give Kim’s mum a ring then?”

“No!” I didn’t think about that, it just slipped out and now I might have blown it. Great.

“I might just call her to check she’s not busy…” Mum made her way over to the phone on the other side of the room.

“No mum, I meant Kim’s already checked and she said it’s fine. I promise.” Mum raised her eyebrows at me, I might have blown it, which is a first in sneaking out history.  

“Alright then, go and get ready.” I smiled. Success! Time to try and gain popularity, like we do every year, you think mum would have sussed that I went and ‘revised’ around the same time each year.



“Yeah Kim, literally leaving right now, I’ll meet you there okay?” I whispered into my mobile, as I tried to do up my Converse at the same time,

“Hurry up Millie, Sam and the other girls are already there!” Aww, I felt sorry for how much effort Kim was putting into spying on the popular people and how she will probably not get into the group, but I wouldn’t tell her that.

“Kim, it’s not like they’ve invited us to go with them, it’s more like gate crashing!” I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out the most impressive bag I had, which was an old Mulberry brown bag which mum had given me because it had the tiniest stain on the lining and mum didn’t want it anymore; she’s so vain it’s crazy sometimes.

“No, we are just pretending we go there all the time and Millie?”

“Yeah?” I slammed my wardrobe door,

“You haven’t left yet, you’re in your wardrobe aren’t you, and I heard you shut the door!” I laughed; she was good at this spying thing!

“Kim, I’m going, I’m leaving my room as we speak. See you in a minute.” I hung up my mobile, throwing it into the bag, along with my purse and some other supplies I might need to gain popularity. I crept down the stairs so mum or David wouldn’t question my outfit and bag choice, I could hear them talking in the living room, so I did a runner.

“Bye!” I called out but before they could answer I was long gone out the door and practically legging it down the street. I was already 5 minutes late and I knew Kim would be panicking, so I ran, the milkshake bar was only a 10 minute walk, so that meant about a 3 minute run right?


Kim was waiting round the corner from the bar, checking herself in a little mirror, and from what I could see she’d really put some effort into making herself look popular worthy, she was even wearing heels and was not wearing her glasses.

“Someone’s a bit dolled up?” I laughed as she put the mirror back into her bag and fluffed her curled hair one more time, it was weird seeing her like this, she cleaned up well I’ve got to say!

“Do I look alright? Do you think Sam will think I look good?” We started to walk into the bar,

“Of course he will.” I opened the door to reveal the bustling bar, by the look of the majority of people from our year in there; we weren’t the only one hoping for popularity tonight. We pushed our way through the crowds to find a table; I could see Sam and Lola, along with the other popular people, sipping away at milkshakes. Eventually we found a table in the corner that still had some old milkshake glasses on.

“You don’t like Sam do you Millie, because you were just looking at him with a look on your face?” Kim asked as we sat down at the table,

“No, I was just looking and you liked him first.” Kim smiled,

“Good, there’s so many people in here… Sam’s getting up; will you go and get some milkshakes or something?” Kim was looking around, I didn’t look because I didn’t want her to think I liked him, but I’m sure Kim wasn’t the only girl who’d dolled herself up just to catch Sam’s eye.  

“Thought you wanted to impress him, not me?” She looked back at me,

“Quiet down a bit, and your better at making a conversation, just mention me a lot! Make sure you get me a healthy milkshake, don’t want to look like a fatty!” I got up, and started to make my way up to the counter, I wasn’t too sure for on this new Kim, this Kim that wants to impress Sam.  “Wait, Millie!” I turned round, but in I still started to walk back slowly through the crowds, “Can you get me like a… Millie, watch out!” I frowned before turning round quickly, before I could see what I was meant to watch out for it was too late. Something cold hit me; first my face and hair, splashing down the front of my shirt soaking me through, I screamed, the whiff of chocolate milkshake rising from my top!  

“I’m sorry; let me get some napkins… sorry.” I grabbed a napkin from whoever was standing in front of me and wiped my eyes, and there was Sam. Popular Sam. The guy who just dropped two milkshakes down my front, turning my shirt see through revealing my sheep bra to the whole milkshake bar. The whole bar was in hysterics, as I looked round, the only person who wasn’t laughing was Kim. I snatched some more napkins from Sam and did a runner to the bathrooms, trying to escape the laughter of my milkshake facial.

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