The university life

This is a story about finding yourself, realize who you are and enjoy your very last time of youth because you'll never return to the great times. Your University life.

Sophie Silverman have decided to attend one of Scotland's most beautiful universities St. Andrew's. It's years with loads of fun, new friends, studies and parties. It is for the matter of fact Sophie's best years before she leaves her youth.

I really hope you'll like it, and find time to read my Movella as it's my first Movella i'm pretty nervous of what you might think of it. So please leave a comment.


5. Time passed by



Time passed by.


Before I realised it, the leaves was already falling slowly down from the trees by the autumn air. And it was getting colder and darker outside. Basically the time has blow away. We knew that it was one step closer to our Christmas holidays with the family and celebrate New Years Eve.

In the meantime lots of things has changed since then, Nicho and I ate sandwiches in the Great Cafeteria. It seemed like it was ages but for the matter of fact it had only been three months ago.

And a lot can change in small three months, despite all the teachers, studies and people are the same but it is now obviously that we are more bounded and closer than ever before. And it results in that my friends see each other in different ways, which meant that we were falling for each other.

First I would like to announce that Rachel and Jack have made out. I hope for both of them that it will go them well I mean they’re so different. Honestly I’d rather see Jack and Carter but who cares I’m happy for them.


Christmas time is the time where the last assignments should be done, the last grades been given and the last Christmas presents bought.

Nicho and I sat once again in the Great Library studying now following with our snobbish friends from London.

Nicholas and I was finally used to our routines and motivation to actually study. But today a few days before our Christmas holiday it was different, she came over to me and asked when we started doing our assignments and exercises.

There was awkward silence between all of us I, Nicho, Nathalie and Jessica.

Or actually Nicho and I had lots of fun joking and fooling because Jessica and Nathalie couldn’t a word of Spanish.

There was no doubt that I could feel the up coming holiday-tradition. Christmas. I’m looking very forward to head back to Birmingham. 

And it was soon.

Way to soon.

It was starting to snow when I’d packed my luggage I heard people scream and get overreacted because they’d noticed; I was smiling by the fact that they might start a snowball fight. Imagine if Jack, Rachel, Ethan, Nicholas, Carter, Casper and I in a snowball fight in front of the University’s front area. It knocked on the door

“Come in!” I replied in a way to happy voice

It was Carter

“Hi how’s my favourite friend?” she said happily

“I’m good, why are asking I mean should you be somewhere else by now?”

“Well, yes but I have a good explanation”

“Really?” I said and crossed my arms and raised my eyebrow.

“Yeas because I have a Christmas present for you”

“Really? Carter you really shouldn’t”

She gave me the present I was confused should I open it now or Christmas morning? The look told me everything she’d wanted me to open it now. I hesitated but managed to open the square formed box. It wasn’t heavy. I doubted that she had bought the really sexy underwear. Well explanation.

Once again we have been out shopping and we went into this lingerie shop Carter demanded that I had to try the red Christmas set, with the belonged Christmas hat. She told me that it was perfect for my figure and that I’d look good. I remember the words very clear “Carter I can’t wear this, I look like Santa’s Christmas slave!” she just burst out laughing.

And guess what I was right! It was the ugly red underwear and the white snowball and yeah honestly I wont go to deep with the details.

I took the red bra and held it up to my breast; she burst out laughing and so did I. suddenly the door opened.

“Hey Soph!” Nicho said and a big smile covered his face. He cleared his throat and I noticed that I had the very sexy bra up to my breast.

“You looked good!” he said with a confidence voice

“Thanks!” I said and blushed

“Okay I’m off Nicho where is Jack?” Carter asked

“Probably with Rachel” he sighed

Thanks Carter once again you’re putting me in this situation. I thought for myself

“I could start getting used to see you like that?” Nicho said and winked

“Nicho what do you want?”

“Just want to say Merry Christmas”

“Merry Christmas” I smiled

“So, where are you going in the holidays?” I asked just to say something

“Em… London and Birmingham”

There was silence in the little two-bed room way too much silence.

“I’m going to miss you” he said it surprised me mostly because deep inside I’d knew that I would miss him too. But I had way too much pride that there was no reason to admit it.

“You’ll get over it. It’s only a month.” I replied without seems to cold

“You’re right” he sighed.


Later that day we stood out in front of the University with luggage and thick winter coats and scarfs. Waiting for taxies that would drive us to Edinburgh airport.

“So see you after Christmas bitches!” Carter said and went off she gave us a group hug

“Hoped my present are going to me usefully” she whispered and winked

“Ha-ha I’m not going to use it,” I said way too loud

“Use what?” Jack asked curiously

“Nothing!” we said quickly

“Uh, my taxi’s here! See you all after Christmas…!” I said and gave Jack a hug, then Ethan, Simon, Casper, and Rachel I hesitated when I came to Nicholas.

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked

“Come on Soph just kiss him, we all knows what it’s about!” Casper said annoyingly

“I didn’t?” Jack whispered to Casper

We all laughed…

The boys and Rachel started to small talk and left us to the up coming kiss.

I looked Nicho straight into his deep brown eyes gave him a long tight hug and whispered into his ear

“I’m going to miss you too!” I kissed his cheek noticed that the other was looking

“Seriously Guys!” I said and within minutes I was sitting I the taxi on my way home to Birmingham.

I was looking very forward to come home I was looking very forward to enjoy my Christmas holiday with my Aunt and Uncle. I was looking forward to tell them all about my lessons and my lovely life at University, I was looking forward to sit in front of the fireplace with my sister Lulu and we would have the long talk about boys.

But I quickly found out that it wasn’t my family’s intention. I quickly found out that this Christmas would be as memorably as all the others however, with a few changes of course.

Not quickly enough I noticed that my entire holiday would be ruin by my sister and her new boyfriend.

I was really happy to see my sister, Uncle and Aunt that it didn’t bothered me that her new boyfriend was here. Trust me in the end of this holiday it will be lots worse. I just didn’t know it now. Wait and see and you’ll understand.


As this chapter is about the time passes by, I wouldn’t waste so much time so I’d decided to use every little square minute of my holiday to something useful. I’m sure we all can relate to our summer vacations goes way to fast sometimes.


I was siting in the kitchen this early Sunday morning, I was the only one up but suddenly a shadow crossed the kitchen, I’d nearly got a heart attack but I didn’t. Sometimes I wished I’d would, it was Lulu’s boyfriend James. They had met each other at Marlborough College. It was strange to see my little sis with a guy it felt like I was going nowhere, I mean seeing her in love and happy I wasn’t that glad about it but otherwise I was happy for her.

James was a nice guy and he truly likes Lulu like I said I feel so happy for them. Yeah I give them a month… I wasn’t so happy about that I should get to know more about James, but my sis insisted and I wouldn’t ruin Christmas because of this.

So I’d decided to learn him better this way this early Sunday morning.

“So… James? Do you like it here?” I asked I repeated the question in my mind and realised how weird it sounded.

“Yes! Of course I do, well I was looking very forward to see my brother but spending time with Lulu is great” he said nervously but kept the confidence voice.

Someway James reminded me of Nicho I could see several impressions no wait it was too strange, was it my hallucination? I’ve spent too much time with Nicho so I’d keep seeing his face in James’ very much look a like figure of Nicholas.

“You have a brother?” I asked curious

He laughed a little of my comment

“No, no I wasn’t meant like that seriously…. Okay that sounded really stupid didn’t it?”

“Yep it did!” he said and smiled.

He smiled I sent him a quick smile and blushed a bit.

“Lulu have a really nice big sis, I can feel that see has accepted that I’m seeing his little sis?” he asked it sounded more like a confession than a question I quickly nodded.

Lulu came down and joined our small talk it seemed nice to have had the little chat with him alone, it felt like it was my duty to protect her from guys who only thinks with the wrong body part instead of being sensitive and loyal.

Now I have found out that James is perfect okay perfect is the wrong word, but he’s accepted now it’s his job to keep her safe and happy.

The hours went by and I was about to get really excited because Auntie Julia has invited James’ family. It was in the late afternoon our doorbell rang Auntie hurried and opened the door. James rushed over to the door to present his family for us.

“Hello I’m Elizabeth just call me Lizzie” James’ mother said and shook my hand

“Hello Lizzie I’m Lulu’s older sister” I replied and smiled

His father came over to me too

“Hi I’m Martin Blackman Nice to finally meet you, I’m so happy that you make my son so happy” he said and sounded grateful

“I think you have perceived this thing wrong Mr Blackman… I’m Lulu’s older sister”

I replied confused

“Yes! You’re Sophie Silverman and I’m very happy for you and” he got interrupted by Lizzie

“Sophie this is our older son, Nicholas” she said with her snobbish over class rich voice sorry but she acted like a slut.

“Hello Sophie! Nice to see you again I’ve really missed you” Nicho said like there wasn’t anything normal like that.

“Do you guys know each other?” Lulu asked worried and a bit surprised everyone in the dining room had our attention

“Yes, Nicholas and I attends the same University” I said trying to copy his same confidante normal voice.

“Really?” Julia said surprised and with an unbelievable British accent

Thus people began to spread to small talk I tried to catch up with Nicho. I was shocked and worried and all these things that didn’t fitted in, in my head. This was serious the worst surprise ever.

“Nicho can I talk to you for sec.?” I asked

“Uh… privet talk huh’?” the young happy couple shouted from the couch

I ignored them and the same did Nicho.

We went up stairs to my old guest room now it’s Lulu’s propped with lots of clothes, make-up etc. it made the room look like a bomb that just had exploded.

“We’ll find another room…” I said without hesitating

“Soph? What is it that bother you so much?” he asked

We ended up talking in the bathroom not the best place but whatever…

“Nicho, I’m really happy to see you and honestly I thought I could survive this holiday but the truth is that I’ve missed you!”

A big smile covered his face

“And the others, of course” I added

“Doesn’t it bother you that our little siblings dating? I mean this is awkward, doesn’t it surprise you?” I asked I had to many questions

“Soph I hate it, yes it bother me and I really didn’t see it come like that, I came home from UNI and bam I got this massive news. But I’m afraid of that there’s nothing we can do.” He sighed and shrugged on his shoulders

“But, Nicho I think it’s best if we don’t mention this to the others I mean it’s already to embarrassing!”

“Right! Got it” he smiled

“I don’t believe that you’d miss the others it’s only me right?” he asked giggling

“It’s true I swear!”

“Yeah right!”

He began to source me and I ran screaming around up stairs I ran as fast as I could in, in my Aunt and Uncle’s bedroom.

We lay on the huge old bed I was laughing so hard that I could barely breathe I looked straight into his eyes he was about to kiss me he led his head closer to mine. Oh no… Soph stop him…. No Nicho what are you doing?

“Ohm… Nicholas? What are you doing?” I asked worried and a bit embarrassed

“Kissing you?” he said nervously

“But… we’re just friends, right?” I said without hurting him too much.

“Sure, friends.” He said in a disappointed tone

“Dinner’s served” Julia shouted

We hurried down stairs, but I suddenly I wasn’t in a mode to the big Christmas dinner, which disappointed Julia pretty much I wasn’t in the right mode to talk I wasn’t happy by the thought that Nicholas tried to kiss me and break our amazing friendship and most important I wasn’t happy by the fact that they should stay the night over. It made me feel dizzy.

“Sophie why don’t you eat anything?” Jarred asked worried

“I’m not that hungry, if you don’t mind I’ll go to bed now I’m not feeling that good either” I replied and left the dinner table.


Later that evening my sister came in, with a face that was perfect to describe she was worried and scared.

“If there is something you don’t tell me you’d better should” Lulu said there was no doubt that she was the Alfa

“Lulu I’m Okay, just leave it”

“I’m telling you if you’re turning into to something anorexia beast then I’m not going to let you!” she yelled

“WHAT? Anorexia? No way I’m not having anorexia!”

“Oh, thank god” she sat relieved on the edge of my bed

“For the matter of fact it’s more about Nicholas, he is one of my closest friends at the University seeing him here… knowing that you’re dating his brother”

Honestly it was only the episode before dinner that worried me, I was numb and shocked. I trusted him I deeply thought that we were friends. I shrugged and felt dizzy the more I thought of it.

Coming home to this wasn’t the plan, at all. I’ve more thought of a nice family holiday with lots happiness and joy and most of all the celebrations of Christmas and New Years Eve. Then there would be lots of time to miss the University, the teachers, the lessons, and my friends.

“Lulu? If you really want to help then leave me alone” I whispered

She left the room shortly after I told her what to do.   

I felt asleep. Thought of nothing. Dreamt of nothing. It was a huge dark hole.
















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