The university life

This is a story about finding yourself, realize who you are and enjoy your very last time of youth because you'll never return to the great times. Your University life.

Sophie Silverman have decided to attend one of Scotland's most beautiful universities St. Andrew's. It's years with loads of fun, new friends, studies and parties. It is for the matter of fact Sophie's best years before she leaves her youth.

I really hope you'll like it, and find time to read my Movella as it's my first Movella i'm pretty nervous of what you might think of it. So please leave a comment.


4. Study time and gym



Study time and Gym.


I woke up early and got ready as my schedule told and it meant that I was quite busy, I tried to sneak out of my room without Nathalie noticed and I was actually lucky this time, well we can discuss lucky later. I went down to breakfast with the others we were all very excited of the days up coming news.

After the well-deserved breakfast we meet all the students in the Great Hall, it was now they’ll announce our study groups and I was nervous as hell.

It probably sounds weird but in this weekend I just connected very well with the gang, with my friends. I stood next to them with crossed fingers hoped and beg for the perfect study group. I looked up at Mr Davidson I noticed the other burst out laughing obviously because I was acting weird. Thank you.

“Dear Students, the time has come to announce your study groups, first I want to say that I hope that you’ve had an amazing time so far, and I hope that you’re ready to do lots of school work and prepare for the final exams but don’t worry.

And now to it, Nathalie Brooks, Jessica Evans…!” Mr Davidson said

“C’mon, c’mon not me – don’t pick m… “ I noticed that the others was laughing

“You haven’t made any thoughts of your study groups?” I whispered and ignored their laughter 

“No! Soph, just keep calm” Carter whispered back

“Sophie Silverman and Nicholas Blackman! So our first study group, Nathalie, Jessica, Sophie and Nicholas.” Mr Davidson said and read out the next ones.

“Keep calm?” I protested in a whispered tone…

“Shit happens!” Carter said and looked like she was enjoying it.

Okay how could I manage to be this unlucky I mean first Nathalie as a roommate now a study partner, kill me. 

 “Well, look at the bright side you’re going to work with Nicho?” Carter said cheering

“Is that a bright side? I asked

“Oh, come on! Just give it a shot it’s not like you’re going to be with them till let’s see. FOREVER!” Carter said a bit loudly meanwhile we went to class.

Maybe Carter was right, I hated when she was right but this girl had definitely a point.

“Come on you can do this, Okay?” Carter said

“Yeah, but Nicholas?”

“Maybe it’s your destiny?”

“Destiny c’mon that’s bull shit”

Destiny? She got to take it back she definitely hadn’t no point and no right to say stupid things like that I sighed and faced that there was nothing I could do. The only thing I could do right now was go to class and pretend that I was all right.

 I entered one of the classrooms; well I wouldn’t call it that the room looked like a huge scene with lots of seats to watch the play unfortunately the only play we’re going to watch is our old teacher teaching us stuff from a whiteboard.

“Nicho and I found a seat prepared notebooks and pencils. Preparing to our first Spanish lesson.

“Hola de clase cómo estas? Muy bien o malo?”

Nicholas and I looked at each other we both looked completely lost, okay we weren’t but it could possible happen.

Okay our Spanish teacher was a new modern cool teacher; she was in her middle thirties.

“Me llamo Mrs. Christina Phillips y soy de España hablo español y inglés. Como te llamas? She looked at me I was panicking and stayed quite. I was numb. Unfortunately Nicholas came as a rescue.

“La chicha se llama Sophia”

“Gracias y como te llamas chico?”

“me llamo Nicholas profesora”

Okay it was quite awkward that episode in class today, however I was happy that Nicho helped me he was a loyal friend. I headed off to the Great Library to go study my Spanish homework.

“Hey Soph?” Nicho shouted in the Great Corridor

I turned around and he went straight ahead to catch me

“So, where are you going?”

“The Library!” I sighed 

“Can I join you?” he asked  

“Sure” I said in silent

It was absolutely the last thing I wanted to do study Spanish with my rescuing angel or whatever I’d just didn’t enjoy it. See lately I’ve felt that every single time I’d spent with Nicolas It had been totally awkward and weird. And I didn’t want it that way. I’ve felt that he wasn’t the only one who was nice and friendly though; I’ve kind a lost interest if we can say it like this. I see him as a nice guy with great ambitions and humour, I see him as a friend.

But I’m afraid that he doesn’t it worries me. We entered the Great Library it was absolutely amazing, it seemed like the book shields was wallpaper it was incredible beautiful, it reminded me of why I’d like bookstores so much.

We founded a couch and were massively exhausted of the daily exercises and the thing, we wasn’t even done with our schedule, which meant more lessons lots of studying. But willingly we began studying our Spanish grammar. Ar-er-ir verbs I hated them as well as I hated making them with Nicholas. Which made me wondering why he actually was so good at Spanish and its terrible difficult grammar, so it blew out of my mouth.

“Where have you learnt to speak Spanish?”

“Um… I’ve been living in Spain in 3 years with my family so…”

“But if you speaks fluent Spanish why studying it?” I interrupted

“You don’t understand, it’s complicated”

He replied nervous, like he was hiding something.

“Excuse me I got to go!” he said and left the library

He left me with more questions than ever, what was he hiding? What was his secret? It made me so curios, that I couldn’t stop thinking of options to his you don’t understand it’s complicated.

Well he was demanded to take Spanish lessons because? Okay I have no clue but I’ll definitely find out, he can’t keep it forever. Whatever it is.

I went up to my room I tried to find my sport clothes now finally something I was good at. Sport.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find it I began to panic. I noticed a little note on my luggage where it said

Hi Soph!

I’d borrow your gym clothes because I don’t own any sport item sadly

However, I hope you don’t mind.

Kisses Nathalie


PS: you can use this I’d found it in the wardrobe well I didn’t want to use it

Whoever who own it. 


 How could she!  I was shocked such a b*tch. I heard students outside my room

“Come on we’re already late for the gym lessons.” They protested

 Shit, I was late. Not the best start for an elite sport athlete god I hated her. She was so much going to pay me back I thought for myself meanwhile I jumped in the disgusting for not mention smelly old gym clothes.

I ran outside the corridor and out to the stadium I noticed on the grass spot there was a group of people surrounded by a teacher. I ran as fast as I could over to them and tried to catch up the information. I noticed that people took them to their nose and began to complain about the awful smell. I recognized Nathalie and her gang having a good laugh of my position. They had definitely planned it.

“Okay guys stop making jokes of it, it’s not funny anymore! Miss Silverman you’re late please give me an explanation or I’ll send you up to the principal office. Speak young lady.” Our gym teacher said angrily.

The crowd turned into silent as they heard our teachers order. But to me not a word came out of my mouth I was absolutely frozen, like a sculpture.

“Very well principals office now!” he commanded  

I sighed and faced that there was nothing I could do until I heard a voice there seemed familiar

“It was me Mr Mitchell” Carter protested

No carter it’s not you’re business I thought but I was still as frozen and numb like before, I decided to keep being in that position. Just stare and wait.

“Right then please explain why miss Silverman are late?” huh?” he said in his still very angrily voice.

“You see, um… as it’s our first gym lesson I told Sophie to meet at the um… Library” she tried to convince him but clearly it didn’t work out.

“Miss Brixman? The principal are waiting you,” he said


“NO! The discussing is over” he interrupted and blew his whistle.


Carter began to move in the direction of the University, I ran over to her

“Carter I’m so sorry I didn’t meant to…”

“Don’t Soph it’s okay and I didn’t want to have gym anyway so you kind a did me a favour. But Soph please what are you wearing its nearly 3 sizes to big! I got to tell the others” she ran off in a happier mode

I heard a whistle blow

“Miss Silverman now!” he commanded

“Yes, Sir” I replied and took the final glance of Carter.


I really tried to do my best to impress, but it didn’t seemed to interesting him that much, I couldn’t believe it I ran 800 metres in 2.00 min. it’s good according to myself. But sadly not according to him or? The entire time I tried so hard to pay him any attention.

I was on my final lap of my 3000 metres, when I’d heard his whistle.

“Time’s up! Shower time!” he said and went off. I was about to enter our University when I’d heard a strict voice call my name.

“Miss Silverman, my office when you’re done!” He shouted.

I smiled to myself and thought that I obviously had a chance to finally prove, what I’ve been fighting for since secondary school.

I’ve always dreamed about a professional sports career, but lately I’ve felt that it probably was safer to have the right education in case of accidents. So now I am studying my next very important and interest in my life which is language, travel and most important “world peace” ha-ha I laughed at my silly joke I silent. I clearly remember when I was in primary school all you wanted to be was a princess or a miss world.

My childhood was the best I’ve ever had. Well I cannot relate to it if it has been different. I had the right people around me, my family and friends.

Apropos friends, I had only one great and loyal friend in Brixham he’s name is Kevin Foster. Some might call him a nerd he is a red-haired fellow with love to math and physic and chemistry. We hung out a lot, as kids we were each other’s best mates. Which I’d appreciate.


I hurried up to Mr Mitchell’s office after taking a well-deserved break and shower. There was no sign of any student on the sudden now untouched stadium, which seemed strange that it had been used for a couple of minutes ago. 

A bobble of excitement was about to explode in my stomach I knocked on the door and I heard him replied with a

“Yes! The door is open”

Nervously I opened the door and entered the office

“Hi Mr Mitchell, you wanted to see me?”

“Yes! Sophie…. Sorry I meant Miss Silverman, take a seat” he said and seemed suddenly very friendly and outgoing.

“Thanks!” I replied and gave him a smile

“Well, I don’t hope that this would disturb your next class?”

“Eh… it did” I said hesitated

“Sorry then. But I couldn’t stop noticing your passion for sport I just wanted to say that I think that you’re amazing and keep up the good work.” He said a bit insecure

“That’s it?” I asked annoyed

“Yep, I believe so” he replied

“O...k…a…y then I’d better go back I’m already late!” I said and left the office; I was more confused and worried when I went off to my health class.

Being late or behind the timetable wouldn’t be accepted here at this University and I quickly learnt that, being behind all the others in my health lessons wasn’t the best thing, as this subject isn’t my cop of tea. Sadly.

There isn’t that much to tell about my health class beside it’s full of science and health that’s obvious however, there are tons of numbers, math and chemical elements, which I hate pretty much. Sometimes I whish that Kevin was here he was the only genius guy I knew who actually found this situation easy. But who cares, this is not going to be the end. Not yet.

In the late very late afternoon it was almost dinnertime I was again in the Great Library with Nicholas.

Promoting our Spanish assignment, I was tired he was tired we were absolutely not going anywhere here. We were trapped in the same annoying assignment.

We both sighed at the same time and realised that it was quite funny. We both smiled at each other and laughed. Nicho looked at the watch and realised that we’ll miss our dinner. We were just relaxing actually didn’t do anything.

“So what are you up to in the Christmas holiday?” Nicho asked

I laughed

“Nicho Christmas is in 3 months, I don’t know… probably being with my family”

He realised that it might sound weird, but kept pay attention. He took a deep breath and blew out again guess he didn’t know what to do or say.

“Come on, let’s finish this part and go back to the others” I said and had already wrote the first word

“Right!” he said making fun with his voice he made it deeper and more serious and focused.

tenemos pobreza, pandillas y criminalidad en América latina y un puco en España. Esta el muchas problema. tan por qué? Es una bien preguntas.

Nicho started to laugh I got worried

“Isn’t it correct spelled or?” I asked

“Yes, we should better go to bed it’s late” he said without hesitating

I closed our books and within a few minutes we had left the library, I couldn’t stop laughing of a really ridiculous joke Nicho told

We made a pit stop at the Great Cafeteria just to check up if there was any food left. We sneaked out in the kitchen and looked in the fridge, we made us a sandwich each with peanut butter.

This was life. Or just right now I was enjoying my ever first study day on this fabulous University. It had been a pretty succeed day I mean beside the bitches from London.

I was in the Great Cafeteria kitchen with one of my greatest friends in the middle of the night eating a sandwich.

We kept smiling and laughing at each other well let me say it like this: it was awesome!






















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