The university life

This is a story about finding yourself, realize who you are and enjoy your very last time of youth because you'll never return to the great times. Your University life.

Sophie Silverman have decided to attend one of Scotland's most beautiful universities St. Andrew's. It's years with loads of fun, new friends, studies and parties. It is for the matter of fact Sophie's best years before she leaves her youth.

I really hope you'll like it, and find time to read my Movella as it's my first Movella i'm pretty nervous of what you might think of it. So please leave a comment.


6. Second-year-student


Second year student.


Leaving Jarred and Julia again was as heart breaking as first time, but now was it worse, the episodes this holiday had blow me away. Lots had changed this holiday, my sister had found a boyfriend, Rachel and Jack are now official a couple and Nicholas has confessed his love to me. What a start on our second year at St. Andrews after all I was quite sceptical about my second year, I’ve got the opportunity to learn more about my friends and my UNI much better now.

Being a second year student is strange, it feels like it was yesterday I arrived to Scotland but now that I’m a second year student I have the opportunity to get a bit wilder than use to.

I have decided that the episode with Nicho this Christmas is unaccepted but I’ll forgive him and move on.

About Lulu and James? I can’t change her feelings for him I have to accept it. However, I’m not home that much anyway. So thumbs up for that cheeky bonus.

This year I’m focused on my studies, and try to make a better impression on my Coach Mr Mitchell by doing my personal best at the Stadium. Mr Mitchell was the type of guy every single teenage girl dreamed about, he has the whole package. Intelligent, humour, loyal and handsome.

I was on my way to Mr Davidson’s office, I’ve decided to take more sport lessons and not because of Mr Mitchell, okay maybe it was.

“Hello Ma’am I was wondering if it was possible to get more sport and training lessons instead of Spanish?” I asked with nervousness in my throat. I stayed relaxed or I tried Mr Davidson’s secretary gave me a strange and cold look.

“I’m afraid that it’s impossible! Now go back to your studies, exams are not over yet” she replied cold.

I wasn’t sorry about it, I was angry as hell! The heat started to boil inside my body I left the Principal’s office went down several halls and corridors. Its madness such an old witch can’t tell me what is impossible. She has clearly no idea of what’s going on outside that bloody office.

I grabbed my sports suit and tied my Nike Spike shoes.

“Hey Soph? What’s wrong?” Carter shouted from behind

I just ignored her and moved on

“What is going on with her?” I heard Rachel ask

“Don’t know something have hit her and its looks like it has a huge effect!”

“Come on let’s follow her”


Until now second-year-student wasn’t what I dreamed about. I noticed that Rachel and Carter was following me well thanks for making the whole scene worse. One of my worst habits running when I was upset no matter how the weather was like and I would run for ages, and I would run for miles without even think about stopping. It was like an addiction, I had no control over my legs.

“Soph? What are you doing? It’s madness!” Carter screamed when they reached the Stadium.

“I know!!” I replied fast and cold and apropos cold the temperature was -10 Celsius, which means it is still winter and cold as hell.

“There isn’t anything we can do?” Carter shouted

“Forget it, she is far away now!” Rachel replied Carter

“Rachel she running in bloody circles!!”

“I’ve got an idea, wait here and count every time she reach the corner over there!” Rachel demanded and ran off. For a sudden moment I noticed that Rachel was gone, I hesitated and considered to stop, but I didn’t.

Minutes later I saw Rachel again, and Mr Mitchell. Which surprised me a bit. “How many times has she crossed the curve over there?” Mr Mitchell asked anxiously

“She just about lap 25” Carter answered

“And what does the time say?” he asked again

“I don’t know we haven’t no time”

“What do you think, how long time have you been counting laps!”

“Hm… I guess a half an hour… “ Carter replied and continued

“I’m not sure, however Rachel and I should better go back you know exams”

“Yeah sure… I’ll try stop her and go talk to her” Mr Mitchell said and went in the Direction of me.

In the meantime the only thing I had observed was Carter, Rachel and Mr Mitchell small talking and now he was heading in the direction over to me. He ran beside me and started.

“Why do you do this?”

“I’m pretty mad right now, so I suggest that you don’t talk to me,” I replied without hesitate

“I think you’re pretty good at this to be honest I’ve never seen somebody like you”

I didn’t answer but was tempted to.

“Someday I would like to test you, see your times you know of course only if you want too?”

“Yeah, maybe one day.” I replied silently I could barely breathe the air was cold as ice, however, my entire body was overheating it really warmth me when Mr Mitchell told what he thought of me which added plus Celsius to my body. I tried not to look at him; I tried to focus but lost the focus and concentration when he’d offered to come to his office so we could talk about it. I stopped.

“Are you serious?” I whispered

“Yes, I think you are a very talented young women” he replied and smiled

“Hm… Ok but I need to be back before dinner time, Rachel and Carter would probably be worried… if I don’t show up” I whispered the last part and hoped he didn’t heard it.

We headed off to his office which is a little house or more a room.

“Mr Mitchell?”

“Call me Marcus please” he interrupted

“Marcus is that your real name?” I asked surprised

“Don’t laugh, but yes it’s my real”

“Marcus Mitchell” I interrupted and laughed

“Sophie Silverman, it’s any different” he said and laughed. We fooled around and joked which I’d never thought I would be able to. We entered the little room and I sat down in his chair still laughing so hard. He laughed too. Honestly I’ve never thought that Marcus could laugh at something so silly at this.

“So your running how long have you been running? What is the longest run? What is your personal best?” he asked way to quick

“Wow, wow, wow it’s not ask Sophie” I said and sighed

“Sorry, I’m just so inspired by you. It seems like you don’t know how special you are,” he said and winked, I blushed and didn’t know what to become of myself. He took my hand gently and played with my fingers

“You don’t know you’re beautiful” he sang and laughed a little. I laughed too and was about to say something when I noticed the time.

“Marcus I have to go, I’ve have an engagement with my friends” I said and sighed

I ran off and promised that we could do the test another day.


“Where have you been?” Nicholas asked when I entered the Great Cafeteria

“Just been out” I replied stiff and ignored him

“Where?” he asked again worried

“I’ve just been out okay?” I said way too loud that the Cafeteria went in silence.

“So Jack how does it go with the exams?” I asked

“Pretty good thanks”

“Yeah great and Casper?”

“He’s a great guy, but I wonder what he is doing here. He doesn’t fit in.

“Yeah… I’ve noticed” I said and sighed

In the late evening I sat in the library preparing my exams. I was completely lost I was about to take my stuff and just leave until I noticed a note in my book.


Come to the stadium when you’re done.



I smiled at the note, looking like an idiot and headed off to see Marcus. It was quite strange to call him that. But he was so adorable and such a nice person; he was lot different from the boys on my age. I really liked him and no doubt he had the same feelings for me. A thrill of excitement began to fill my body. I saw a black shadow sitting on the hill, I knew it was him; When I got closer I noticed how handsome he was, yes even in the dark.

“Hey beautiful, glad you could come” he said and the biggest smile, I blushed and sat next to him on the bench.

“Yeah me too, I was hoping that we could discuss my training”

“You’re lying”

“Ah… you’re asshole”


He putted his arm gently around me, so I didn’t freeze. We sat there on the stadium on the bench and cuddling that’s what I call wilder than first-year-students. Having an affair with my gym teacher. A few minutes later I left him and headed back to my room, the more I thought of it the more I became aware that it might wasn’t the best idea so far. However, I like him and he likes me what’s the big deal?

A few weeks went by where I tried to hide the forbidden relationship. It was so exciting and dangerous; if we got caught it would probably be the end of everything. This morning in the Great Cafeteria a bit changed I’ve got the chance to see Nicholas jealous and for the very first time experience Jack worried.

“Morning sleepy, you seems to be tired?” Carter said and smiled

“Yeah, exams why do they exist?” I asked and ate a peace of my toast

“Uh… the mail is here!” Rachel sang in excitement, I did always compared this as we were prisoners or once when the Postman tipped and fell over it looked like all the letters were flying, I was in my Harry Potter moment. The Postman came over to our table a package, four letters and a rose. The rose was signed to me.


Hey beautiful.

Hope to see more of you this weekend.



I blushed; he was so sweet I couldn’t stop smiling.

“Who gave you the rose?” Nicholas asked


“Ha-ha looks like you’ve got a secret crush” Carter said and smiled at Jack.

“Yeah and what if I have?”

“Then it’s good, I’m sure he is a nice guy” Jack replied

“He is a lucky guy then… “ Nicholas whispered

I smiled relieved that they wont ask anymore.

“Unless he is a teacher” Rachel said

I started to panic.

“What?” I said quickly

“Yeah, you know some students sleep with their teachers” she replied

“Did you know it is illegal?” she asked and looked at Carter

“Why do you look at me? Yes, of course I know that. It’s mind blown to do that especially at this University there is only old teachers… oh except Mr Mitchell he is handsome” Carter said and began to daydream.

“I gotta go!” I said and left them as quickly as I could. 

I ran over to see Marcus at his office. I was so stupid I had to end this. How could I be such an idiot?

“Hey Beautiful, what are you doing here?” he asked worried

“Mr Mitchell I’m sorry I cannot do this anymore” I said silently

“Do what? And Marcus my name is Marcus…” he replied

“Yes, but I’m calling you Mr Mitchell because I’m a student and you’re teacher. Can’t you see how wrong this is?” I asked and the tears started to fill my eyes so I couldn’t see anything.

“Yes, I know it’s wrong, it’s so wrong. Gosh I’m so attracted to you.”

“Mr Mitchell it’s over.” I said crying

“It can’t be! If it’s over now then I can’t help you with your professional athletic career… “

“Then don’t! The thing we did was wrong.” It was my final words to him for weeks and months.


I was sitting in my room later on that day, feeling depressed. Jack knocked on the door and came in. He looked worried.

“Are you Okay?” he asked and looked sad like I was an inch to die.

“Yeah I’m good why?”

“Soph, I heard you outside Mr Mitchell office” he sighed

“You what?” I whispered ashamed

“Don’t worry I wont tell it to anyone, but… why… di”

“Because he’d promised me a safe professional career as a runner… and because he was different” I sighed

“Jack, I don’t want to talk about it I feel like I’m nothing he abused me…” I broke into tears

“Soph....Sch…sch…. it’s okay. The best advice I can give you right now, is try to forget about him. And move on.” He hugged me and tried to cheer me up.

“Come on, I think the other went down to the pub do you want to join us?” Jack asked

“Nah…! I don’t know?”

“We’re celebrating that the exams are finally over… come on it will be fun.”

Jack was right it was worth to celebrate; being around my friends wouldn’t hurt anyway.

“Come one it will be so much fun… remember you’re the party maker” he said and winked I laughed, left the University and headed to the pub with Jack in a much better mood of course.

“CHEERS!!!” we all shouted… the beers was making that disgusting sound when they hit each other but it didn’t bother me.

“So exams are over, what are you doing this weekend?” Rachel asked

“I don’t know but I’ll drink myself sick” Casper said and took a sip of his beer.

“I think I’m heading home to London this weekend if you like to come with me you’re all invited” Nicholas said and went to the jukebox

“No One Direction!” Jack shouted

“Did he just invited us home to his family?” Carter asked

“I believe he did” I replied

We laughed and took a sip of our beers. 



































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