The university life

This is a story about finding yourself, realize who you are and enjoy your very last time of youth because you'll never return to the great times. Your University life.

Sophie Silverman have decided to attend one of Scotland's most beautiful universities St. Andrew's. It's years with loads of fun, new friends, studies and parties. It is for the matter of fact Sophie's best years before she leaves her youth.

I really hope you'll like it, and find time to read my Movella as it's my first Movella i'm pretty nervous of what you might think of it. So please leave a comment.


1. Prologue




Without my University I was nothing, it was the best years I ever had and they’re not just boring stories where we reading books or actually studying. Oh trust me lots more happened.

The university made me a stronger person with new opportunities, choices and ambitions and most important friends for lifetime.


And I have to point out that it actually didn’t seemed like we were students or something like that, do you know why? Because we have had so much fun. I still remember the best parties and awkward moments very clear.


I will now tell my story, about my university where we literally lived life, sadly I know I never will return to the great times. But the memories and friends are still there today.


This is the story about the best thing that ever happened to me, the story about my university life.


But I’m warning you, do not try this at home. Because if you thinks the silly things I did, was crazy or weird then just don’t you’ll get in serious trouble.


















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