The university life

This is a story about finding yourself, realize who you are and enjoy your very last time of youth because you'll never return to the great times. Your University life.

Sophie Silverman have decided to attend one of Scotland's most beautiful universities St. Andrew's. It's years with loads of fun, new friends, studies and parties. It is for the matter of fact Sophie's best years before she leaves her youth.

I really hope you'll like it, and find time to read my Movella as it's my first Movella i'm pretty nervous of what you might think of it. So please leave a comment.


3. It's party time



It’s Party Time.


Yeah it’s party time all day all night, I was ready Carter and Rachel were ready, Simon, Nicholas, Jack, Ethan and Casper were ready, yes even the snobbish over-class girls were ready. Actually we were all ready to the up coming huge opening party.

The University had rent a nightclub in the capital of Scotland, yep that’s right we were all heading off to Edinburgh. I had a sense of that this evening and night would be incredible fun.

Small minibuses came along and picked us up around 8 o’clock me and the rest of gang took one of these buses.

We arrived to Edinburgh one hour and thirty minutes later and the party was just about to begin.

“So Soph? Ready to rule the dance floor?” Casper asked, for a weird reason I said

“Yeah sure! The dance floor is nothing without me!” and laughed and had such a great time. Do you know the feeling of when you see someone, and you don’t know and then you judge him or her for his or her look, yes I did that with Casper he looked mysterious and seemed like a though person. He was hard-core definitely. A guy who drank himself sick whenever he could run away with it. Honestly I don’t have a specific answer for why we’re hanging out with him, or I did maybe it was because I wasn’t afraid anymore, afraid to show them who I was. Normally I’d never been a music rhythm person or anything near that, I’ve always stayed away from parties and alcohol, until now when I realised that it was all right to have a bit fun sometimes. So I did.


Casper and I went crazy to ‘What makes you beautiful’ by One Direction and ‘Call me maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen

“Casper I need a break! Ha-ha I’m sure that Carter are fresh to something new and challenging.” I said and went over to the bar where Nicholas and Jack sat with each drink…

“Hey Sophie do you have said hi to Jack?” Nicholas asked

“Well, yes but not properly. Hi I’m Sophie Silverman”

“Hi Sophie nice to meet you again, I’m Jack Stone can I offer you a beer, it’s Scottish” he said

“Yes Please!”

He ordered a beer, and in a few minutes I could enjoy a beer with my two new friends.

It seemed like we keep ordered more beers because we made several pathetic competitions.

Minutes later I felt that I didn’t had control over my body neither had Nicholas and Jack and later Rachel joined us, imagine four new university students totally drunk because the last hour the only thing they had been doing was keep on order beers and drink them. Wow it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done to a party. Yeah Not! It sucks. So I decided to go dancing again and the DJ had read my thoughts he played my absolutely favourite song and I wouldn’t waste one more minute than dance to it with Nicholas, Rachel and Jack. Rachel and jack stayed at the bar but Nicholas seemed to be a better friend than them because he’d joined me

“See this guys, I do this beach…use I’m a pretty damn good friend!” Nicholas told Rach and Jack in a creepy drunk voice however; he’d joined me to ‘Read all about it’ by Emeli Sandé. The dancing crowd began to move closer to each other and finding together into pairs, so did Nicholas and I. he putted his hand around my waist. We laughed and cuddled; we acted like a couple, until it hit me. This was pretty awkward and weird, dancing close with one of my best friends seemed terrible wrong. The scariest thing was that I’ve only known him for two days.  

I couldn’t accept myself if this continued, I was tempted to stay but I couldn’t we were both very drunk and I’m sure Nicholas didn’t knew what he was up to. Being drunk scared me that night, mostly because I felt terrible after all.

“Come on, we better get out of here and get back.”

The minibuses hold in front of the nightclub and drove us home, but it was not the last awkward thing that happened that night.

Sadly the only things I’d remembered were some stairs and Casper when we came back to the university.


Next morning I had the sickest hangover, well it was quiet obvious but yeah I couldn’t remember a shit. The first weird thing was that I was in someone else’s room but whom it belonged to was a mystery.

It was already Sunday morning and I felt the whole weekend had been faster than the lightning it was horrible. But we had to face it that tomorrow was school and study time.

However, before that I had a couple things I’d need to clear with the others.

What happened after we came back? Why… I wasn’t quick enough to think of question 2. Because I had already an answer for no. 1 and it was shocking.

We were siting in pyjamas and drank afternoon tea, not with the queen but the guys, Ethan told what happened, good bless he wasn’t that drunk. I’ve never expired anything like that. “Ok do you really want the story or should I say the flashback? I have to warn you, it might be weird ” Ethan said

“Come on give us the fucking story before, we’re graduated well it would be delightful” Jack interrupted.

We were siting close together around one of the tables in the corners, like we were hiding something, but to me it looked like we were idiots who tried to understand what 1 +1 was.

“Home sweet home!” Jack said meanwhile he curried Rachel on his back, and Sophie were singing along to ‘god save the queen’ meanwhile Casper and Simon made a beat out of it. We were just outside the University on the grass spot the main entrance to St. Andrews University.

Carter and I was more serious and tried to get you guys to shut the fuck up and get you inside but it seemed like you weren’t agreeing with us so you played hide and seek, on a fucking open grass area. God it looked pathetic and you acted like weirdoes. Casper and Rachel decided to go to bed so they went inside with you Sophie.” Ethan said and looked at us, we were all speechless; we sat with our mouth open

“I can’t believe we acted like this, I mean…” Rachel started

“Dude I wasn’t that drunk!” Nicholas protested

“Oh Really? You shouted to a three that it should not follow you or it well get in serious trouble?”

We began to laugh, we all realised how weird it sounded and you should see the look on Nicholas face, he was absolutely gobsmacked and shocked.

“I don’t believe that! I mean no way,” Nicholas complained

“We have it on tape!” Carter said and played the video we were all the death near because we laughed so hard. Okay it was pretty damn hilarious.

“Ha-ha, oh my god you’re dead” I said to him and pointed at him

“Well, Soph you shouldn’t say anything you kept saying that the tissues could stuck if you placed them in you’re forehead.” Ethan said and continued the story:

You automatically started to shout at the threes and twice fell in a thorn bush.


“Hey it explains the marks I have on my arms and head.” Nicholas said like he was trying to investigate the huge scene we made last night. Even if we felt terrible we hang out together, we were sitting in Nicholas and Simon’s room and watching TV with blankets and pillows, joking and giggling and even naps was annoying if you ever felt asleep. Well let me say it like this you can’t fall asleep without have something done to you.


We were already committing very special bonds and we already felt like we were family brother and sisters. It was amazing. When I started to think at the word family it reminded me of that I’ve totally forgotten, my family. I had to call them but was it a good idea I don’t know?

“Sophie what’s wrong?” Ethan asked and looked worried

“Oh, nothing I just have a headache and a bad sore throat you know last night was crazy! I guess I need some sleep and get ready for tomorrow.” I replied and left the room and went to bed pretty early.

I couldn’t stop thinking about last night at the night club, it went perfectly wrong I didn’t even liked Nicholas, well he is a great friend but dancing like this was a step to far. I promised myself that such things wouldn’t ever happen again. But if he ever asks about it my excuse ‘we were drunk’ would probably work.

I reached for my phone and called Julia she needed to know that I was all right

“Hello Julia is speaking!” her voice said

“Hi Auntie, it’s Sophie!” I said in a maybe to overreacted happy voice

“Oh my god Sophie, is that you? How are you?”


“Well, I’m happy to hear that, when does your lessons starts?”

“Tomorrow. Is Lulu there?”

“Yes just a hang on.”

Lulu is my 3 years younger sister and she was supposed to start at my College Marlborough and I wanted her to know how tough it could be!”

“Hey sis how are you?” my sister said happily

“I’m good and you? How’s the College?”

“It’s OK, well I don’t know so much about it yet, but it seems good.”

“ Oh, I’m happy to hear that, when does I see you again?”

“I don’t know? Maybe in the Christmas holidays”

“OK! Well I’m looking forward to see you and can you please tell mom and dad that I’m in tip top shape and I have everything I need?”

“Yeah sure! See you soon! Bye!”

“Bye, Lulu!” I said relieved


Lulu and I have a great sisterhood however, sometimes we can have the horrible fights hopefully we have left it behind and moved on. Now I was ready to look forward for tomorrow and just keep focusing on my studies, which is very important if I want my dream job as a language geographic expert, with focus on children in Africa, I think it’s a very important subject and something we need to know more about so we can give them a proper childhood with school, water and hospital requirements.

So there’s no doubt that my studies would include lots of geographic, English in A-level and Spanish as well.

All this meant incredible much to me and if I failed I’m done and destroyed. Literally.

I began to make thoughts about the others, what should Casper McDorran use St. Andrews University till. I mean which education would he have? And Nathalie a snobbish over-class girl from London who got everything St. Andrews would be useless for her.

Now when I think about Nathalie, honestly I’ve totally forgotten her, but I couldn’t stop noticing her to the party with her friends or she had found two other girls who was exactly like her rich, snobbish, and had no brain, At all.       


I was actually looking very forward for tomorrow we are going to be put in groups of four, our study groups and then we had gym, I could get really in to my sport, and prove that I deserved high grades in the subject, I was sport itself there was nothing there could beat me for swinging the tennis kitschier or run for miles without even notice or a good popular British rugby or Cricket wasn’t a problem. I was always ready for sport activities.


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