The university life

This is a story about finding yourself, realize who you are and enjoy your very last time of youth because you'll never return to the great times. Your University life.

Sophie Silverman have decided to attend one of Scotland's most beautiful universities St. Andrew's. It's years with loads of fun, new friends, studies and parties. It is for the matter of fact Sophie's best years before she leaves her youth.

I really hope you'll like it, and find time to read my Movella as it's my first Movella i'm pretty nervous of what you might think of it. So please leave a comment.


2. First impression



First impression.


“Sophie? Darling are you ready?” my auntie Julia shouted from the kitchen. It had been a quite morning with lots of nervousness from my side. I took the finally glance of my room and pictured it in my mind (basically it’s my aunt and uncles guest room, I’ve been living with them for a couple of years now, meanwhile I’d studied at Marlborough College) now my sister, Lulu is coming for during the exact same thing. I hope she likes it better than me, I hated College the over-class teen girls rule the entire school, which result that I got bullied. But I made it; I graduated College and taking the next very important step. University.

My family and I live or lived in Brixham, Devon UK well there’s only my mum, dad and grandmother left. Well honestly it’s the city of oldness, so it’s not the place where you’re studying in the College and University times.

I grab my luggage and went downstairs,

“Do you got everything you need?” Uncle Jarred asked worried

“Don’t worry I got everything!” I replied in a secure voice, auntie Julia stood in the doorway with tears in her brown eyes. I understands why, Julia and Jarred, they have been like a mother and father to me and now I’m leaving for becoming a grown up adult, lots of things had changes since I moved in, they have expired my late teen years and trust me they were tough.

It’s heartbreakingly to leave such important and supportive people as they’re. I can’t stop comparing my aunt with Ron Wesley’s mother from the Harry Potter, it’s not the look, gosh no – it’s more her personality, seriously I can see several comparisons… and uncle Jarred he is a very calm man, with the heart and both feet on the right place. And most important he makes my mothers’ sister happy and safe.

“Are you sure that you want to do this, I mean Scotland it’s too far away from everything!” Julia said silently

“Julia! ... That’s the point” I replied quickly

“But… well I guess that there’s nothing I can do, can I?” she said sadly, I nodded and looked like I was worried, honestly I hadn’t any interest, I knew that Jarred would take good care of her no matter what!

“Soph? Can you promise me one thing? – Please don’t forget us you mean too much to us, that we wont lose you out in the great white world.

It cracked me I broke in tears and promised

 “Nothing can come between us, I promise” meanwhile the tears ran down my cheeks.


Later I was in the Taxi on my way to London Gatwick. The trip was so boringly challenging, traveling isn’t my thing, but I survived and reached the University in time.

I arrived to my Scottish dream St. Andrews University; there were already lots of new arrived students. There was a bit small talk around the new students including myself actually.

I decided to say hello to the girl there stood next to me, she had nice long brown hair and seemed easy to talk to,

“Hello, my name is Sophie!” I said and gave her my hand, she replied in a gently tone

“Hi, Sophie I’m Carter, where are you from?”

“I’m from Brixham, Devon …what about? I asked

“I’m from Ireland, the city of Belfast, so it’s has been a long journey to reach the UNI in time-“

“Yeah, wow Ireland!”

“It’s nothing, I’ve heard that there is a guy from Australia! I can’t believe that he attends university in England, how weird is that?” she said curious.

“Ha-ha it’s crazy but he seems very brave, I mean- leave the family! It takes lots of courage to do that” I replied

“Well, thanks!” a voice said behind us, we got a huge shock and knew that it was the Australian Guy,

A tall guy with blond hair, and deep brown eyes turned around to talk to us, as I said he seemed very nice and brave however, it was lots worse with Carter she had kind of talked bad about him behind his bag! Literally.

Carter quick noticed that it was our Australian Guy and hurried to apologize

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry I obviously meant that it was really huge to just leave Australia, I mean Australia isn’t better than England or Scotland … no it is it’s just…” in the end I’m sure that Carter didn’t knew what she was talking about beside that she obviously thinks this Australian Guy was really handsome… I interrupted

“I think Carter is trying to say, I’m sorry it wont happen again. Well hi I’m Sophie and this is Carter” I said without even notice it – kind of creepy normally I wasn’t so open and secure.

“Hi, Sophie nice to meet you and you too Carter, I’m Simon O’Nellie all three of us started small talking until we got interrupted, by a microphone

“Attention, please! Hello everybody I’m Mr Davidson and I’m the principal here at St. Andrews University. “

He seemed like a nice man, with control and traditions but also have some wisdom about young people and their requirements. Well basically he just seemed like a nice person. I mean friendly, understanding and relaxing.

He continued

“I hope you’ll have an unforgettable time here at St. Andrews. As always we have some specific rules there must be followed. Your lessons starts at Monday so you’ll get the whole weekend to settle down, I hope to see you all to our first lesson, we hope you’re enthusiasm and willingly study hard. “

I noticed that there was someone who laughed; it wasn’t even funny he meant it! Oh such things can just piss me off.

“And now to your room and roommates, a thing you’ve probably looked very forward too, am I’m right? Another thing, you’ll be put in groups of four and that’s your study group. I’ll say all your names and a number remember it, because it’s your number of your room. Boys and girls lives separated from each other, girls 1st floor and boys 2nd floor.”

“Rachel Tomkinson and Carter Brixman room number 447, Nathalie Brooke and Sophie Silverman room number 442, Jessica Lewis and Katelyn Evans room number 445, … “ he continued to read out all the names, but I was busy finding my room and meet my roommate, and most of all, because I needed a nap. I was exhausted meeting and gets introduced to something new is totally exhausting. Sadly.


I entered the Great Hall it was the main hall and it leads you upstairs to the 1st floor currently it was there my room was. I was massively excited to meet this Nathalie Brooke, how was she like? It was all too exciting that I couldn’t wait. Upstairs a corridor met me, through the corridor there was lots of doors and it was the main entrances to your room.

I founded room number 442, it seemed like there already was someone in it I opened the door and the first sight there met me was lots of suitcases…

“No Dad! It’s a disaster! I don’t get it why I just can be over moved to Cambridge or Oxford,” a bright snobbish voice said into her mobile phone. I was unlucky this time, but it wasn’t here I would spend most of my time… I just questioning I don’t know what’s going to happen anyway.

She noticed that I had arrived to my room and ended her phone call.

“Hello, I’m Nathalie Brooke, we’re going to be the best roommates, right?” she said with her bright, very bright voice that didn’t sounded that snobbish this time. “Sure! This going to be great!” I said with an excited and upset snobbish voice and made thumbs up.

“I you mind if I just finish unpacking?” she asked and looked curious 

“No it’s OK, I… I just go outside and take a look on the UNI” I said and went out the doorway

“Okay!” she shouted from behind with her snobbish bright voice


I tried to find room number 447, Carter’s room it must be close I heard that Nathalie began to shout after me, so I began to run in the corridors. I was so focused that I forgot to look at the door numbers I reached the corner and bump I ran straight into a guy! Awkward.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” I said quick with a silly grin literally it wasn’t funny at all, but I couldn’t stop laughing of my clumsiness.

“Oh, That’s Okay, it’s more if you’re OK?” he replied

“Yeah, I’m fine! Thanks”

“So what’re you doing up here?” he asked

“Ah… I tried to, did you said up here?” I asked misunderstanding

“Yeah, you haven’t noticed that you’re on the 2nd floor?”

“Oh… ops I thought I was on- yeah you know I’m escaping from my roommate, she’s crazy” I said with a bizarre voice which made us laugh.

“Well, I’d better go back but nice to meet you…?”

“Nicholas. And you?” he asked

“Sophie.” I said and sent him a smile I walked backwards meanwhile and waved goodbye

“Well, see you Sophie!” he shouted from behind

“You too Nicholas!” I replied even louder than him.


On my way back to my room I founded Carter’s, they had already settle down and their room was nice and not too girly which I was really comfortable with, and their room was cooler than mine. That’s unfair.  

“So Carter you haven’t found any cute guy, yet?” I asked and smiled like I wanted to tease her for the rest of her life and maybe I would.

“Ha-ha very funny! Well, I think Simon is very open and friendly but nothing seriously, I mean it’s our first day here what do you think about me?” she replied and made lots of jokes about it.

In the meantime Rachel had entered the room and joined us. She was a tall girl with orange-red hair with a nice brown glow and it was huge and curly, it suits her well she looked good! And was a great person as well. In fact she really like sport, but we kept the sport details and Usain Bolt talks to latter for not boring Carter.

The late afternoon went by talking and joking and just have a good giggle. When it was about 7 o’clock we went down for dinner in the Great Cafeteria, we had just felt our plates with pasta, bread and potatoes, gravy and stuff there belongs to it, or basically it’s a buffet so you can just pick whatever you want.

“Hey Sophie, Carter come over here!” Simon shouted from his table, he sat next to some guys we haven’t meet before. Both Carter and I knew Simon but nor did Rachel so we decided that she had to meet our Australian fellow.

We came over and sat with them meanwhile he gave a quick presentation of the guys he sat around with.

“Okay, guys this is Sophie and Carter and uh… a new arrival hello I’m Simon and you are?”

“I’m Rachel!” she replied quick and looked a bit shy

“Well, anyway this is Jack, Ethan, Casper and Nicholas” he said meanwhile we sat around the table we were all very open and ready for having a great time with the boys until it hit me Nicholas was ‘that’ Nicholas I’ve meet earlier, well someone would call it nice to see you again and someone would call it   coincidence and I’ll call it pretty damn awkward, he was cool this time pretending he haven’t seen me before god bless you for that!

“So Simon how have you managed to find all these guys I mean we have only been here for a half day” Carter asked

“Oh… you’re jealous? You want to share? Huh’? No, I’m just joking,” he said in a funny voice and continued

“No, they’re mine” we all made a good laugh of it.

“So Nicholas who is you’re roommate?” I asked and smiled

“It’s Simon actually!” he replied

“Are you shitting me?” I asked

“Yes! No… I’m sorry I have to disappoint you this time, but Simon is for the matter of fact my roomie,” he said with twinkle in his eye.

The more time I was with Nicholas I found out that he was a calm and awesome guy hanging out with his friends. And that was exactly what he was doing. He has the light brown hair and the nicest green-blue eyes and his outfit wasn’t that bad, he knows how to dress.


It was late and we finally noticed that we was the only one left in the huge Cafeteria, it was nice but quite scary as well however, we’d managed to get back to our rooms. I sneaked in, in my room to not wake Nathalie. But as always when there is silence noise seems to be lots higher, awkwardly I went straight into my luggage there was somewhere in the dark.

“Who is there?” an upset voice said in the dark, now it was official Nathalie was awake.

“It’s me, Sophie your roommate! Sorry if I’d waked you!” I said apologizing

“Oh!” she said relieved

I climbed over to my bed, and managed to get under my duvet and felled asleep immediately.


Next Morning I was up early; the University was still asleep I found my running shoes and drew over the hills in Scotland. I was so happy! I had finally found my true element and the best part the whole thing felt right! It felt right to just go out running, chat with your friends, having a great time it seemed like I didn’t even noticed the rules and disadvantages by the whole thing because I was overwhelmed by happiness and love to the new place. But again it’s to early to say my real University life would be however, right now I was happy. I was here and I was happy for being here, that’s the most important thing.


I went up to the 1st floor to get a shower well I really needed that. I met Rachel in the corridor and said immediately

“You’re lucky dog! Wake me next time then I’ll join out there in the fields”

“Deal!” I replied quickly.

After the well-deserved shower I dressed me in my absolute favourite Haddington dress by Jack Wills. I remember once I was in the store in Exeter it was amazing and it has been my favourite clothes brand since then.

Nathalie wasn’t that much in our room either anymore as me she’d found her gang and hung out with them all the time, which fitted me well. I brushed my teeth when Rachel and Cater entered my room. They were very surprised to see all the suitcases and boxes

“Where is all your stuff?” Carter asked gobsmacked

“It’s over there in the corner, I think she need more space than me so…!”

“Anyway are you coming?” Rachel asked meanwhile she went over to the door

“WHAT? You can’t give up now it shows that you’re a pathetic little girl” carter said, I decided to ignore her and just leave it that way. 

“Where precisely?” I asked

“- To the town! Duh’!”

We began to laugh and left the UNI so fast as we could. We went down the streets and looked at clothes, books and finally had lunch at a pub. In that time we’ve bought a lot of stuff books, clothes, make-up, shoes etc.

“So Carter hasn’t you found any cute guy yet?” I asked

“I thinks Simon is cute he seems nice” Rachel interrupted

“Guys stop! It’s insane yes I thinks he’s a nice guy as a friend but trust me there could never be something between us” she replied

“Why exactly?” Rachel asked

“Because he’s just not my type,” she replied secure

Rachel and I both looked at each other and began laughing

“Yeah, just laugh what about you Sophie you were obviously flirting with –the-guys-name-I –can’t remember”

“Nicholas?” I asked

“Yep there I got it, you were flirting with Nicho,” she said and laugh

“OK! So now he has a nickname? Well I was not flirting I was just being friendly”

“Very friendly!” Rachel pointed 

“Ha-ha yeah! That was a good one!” Carter said and gave her high five.

I wouldn’t say that I was flirting but the more I thought about it, he could might have perceive it wrong, it made me nervous. So I decided to find him when we got back.

“So do you’ve heard it? There is a huge opening party tonight”

“No, when?” Carter asked quickly

“ Nah, tomorrow! No tonight silly!” I said with a cheeky voice

“ Uh, is there alcohol?” Rachel asked

Carter looked at us with a strange look in her eyes,

“Come on girls it’s University it’s Not College anymore we’re are big girls now” she said and obviously found it hilarious. Rachel and I just starred at her and paid the bill when she was finished laughing.


We went back to the University in the late afternoon and got dressed to the huge party, honestly I was pretty excited I’ve never been to such a huge party before beside prom but that wasn’t that huge like this. I was panic itself I had absolutely no idea of what to wear. It was hopeless. But I found another great design of Jack Wills my Arklow Dress. A dark blue dress it was actually very simple and classic British, which I’d liked.


Now there was only one thing to say: let the party begin!















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