Torn Apart - Two Worlds

Emma Redstone has been best friends with Harry Styles since she was 12 and he was 11. And he doesn't know that she has loved him the whole time. But when Niall asked her out, she said yes to spare his fragile heart. He believes she loves him and the lie spirales out of control until the point of a proposal. To make things worse, Harry is dating Emma's best friend, Sophie! What can Emma do? Should she tell Harry how she feels and destroy Niall? Or lie to Niall forever?



Hello, it's me, the author! I hope you enjoyed the story. Unfortunately, the story is over ��. But the sequel will be coming soon! It's going to be two years in the future, and it's about how their lives have changed. It's going to be called "Love Knows No Limits". I hope you will read it, it's going to be longer than this one I think. Thank you for reading my story, and I hope you will look forward to to the sequel.

~Molly xx
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