Torn Apart - Two Worlds

Emma Redstone has been best friends with Harry Styles since she was 12 and he was 11. And he doesn't know that she has loved him the whole time. But when Niall asked her out, she said yes to spare his fragile heart. He believes she loves him and the lie spirales out of control until the point of a proposal. To make things worse, Harry is dating Emma's best friend, Sophie! What can Emma do? Should she tell Harry how she feels and destroy Niall? Or lie to Niall forever?


6. Memories and Love

It was only an hour until I realized the plan wouldn't work. Sophie was too smart, she'd realize what I was doing by stage two. And there's no way we'd be able to stay friends. She'd hate me forever.

I was back to feeling empty. Completely empty. I needed to talk to someone. One of those conversations that can last for hours, and give you that warm happy feeling inside. I couldn't call Sophie, she's visiting her grandparents. I could call Harry. After all, we're still best friends. We need to start hanging out more to prevent things becoming awkward between us. So I called Harry. "Hey Haz" I said into the phone. "What's new Em?" He said back. I loved his nicknames for me. "You wanna come over today?" I said. Please say yes, please say yes, please say ye- "Sure! I'll be there in a minute!" He said, then hung up. YAY!

"Hello?" Harry said, his voice echoing through the big house. "Hazza!" I yelled running to the door. He opened his arms and hugged me. It was one of those long hugs that make you feel so good inside. "So... I love your new place" Harry said. Ugh his voice is so attractive. "Thanks. The old house just... Felt awkward when I lived there alone". I said. "So..." Harry begun, as we collapsed on the couch. "You never really gave a proper explanation to why you said no to Niall?" Harry said. He's right. He deserves a real explanation. "Well... When Niall first asked me out, I didn't have feelings for him, I wanted to be just friends. But I didn't want to break his heart either. So I said yes, and planned to break up with him after a week. It wasn't that I didn't like Niall, I just, I liked someone else more. I was never able to get up the courage to break up with Niall, so I just hoped he'd break up with me. The lie sort of spiraled out of control. Up until the point where Niall proposed. But just like how I was to chicken to audition for The X Factor when I was 17, I was also to chicken to say no. But I couldn't marry him. Not when I had feelings for another man. So I said no." I finally was done. "Who is the person you still love more?" He said. This was it. The perfect time to finally tell him how I really feel. How I've loved him ever since we met when we were twelve years old. But, what if he doesn't have any feelings for me at all... What if he's really serious with Sophie? I couldn't take that risk. So I changed the subject. "Hey you wanna go to the park across the street? Just like when we were kids!" I said to him. "Sounds great, lets go!" He said with a big smile.

We had so many memories with this park. I remember the first time I met Harry, at this park.

Our parents were friends long before we were born, so when I had my 12th birthday party at this park, my friend Destiny, Harry's cousin, was invited. Her parents called Harry's parents, saying he should meet me, so Destiny brought Harry along. While the other kids played manhunt and grounders, I sat at the swings alone. I didn't feel like running around. Harry came over to me and introduced himself. Even though he was 11, a year younger than me, I thought he was gorgeous. He came right up to me and said "You wanna go in the lake?". "I can't. I'm too scared" I said. There was a lake behind the pond, and it even had it's own beach. "Don't worry! Just hold my hand, and everything with be okay" he said. I nodded, and he led me into the water. We went in about up to our knees, as we were both in shorts. "This is amazing! I can't believe I was scared!" I said laughing. "Well if your not scared then you won't mind if I do this!" He said, picking me up and throwing me completely underwater. My clothes were soaked an my hair became a tangly mess. But I didn't care, I needed revenge. "Then you won't mind if I do... This!" I said shoving him under the water. We didn't talk to any of the other kids for the whole party. We fought in the water for hours. When it was time for everyone to leave, I asked my mom if Harry could stay for a while. She said of course. We stayed at that old park for hours. While our parents talked. It was his idea to listen to their conversation after a while. My mom said, "I can't believe how well they get along!" My mom said. "And they're so cute together!" Said his mother. "I can almost see them married in a few years!" Said my mother with a laugh. As we were kids, we took it as a joke, and ran out into the beach again, where we performed a goofy ballroom dance, which ended with him throwing me in the water again. We laughed and laughed until Harry had to leave. But we kept in touch and have been best friends ever since.

Back to reality. Harry and me ran across the street to the park. We were about to run into the lake, when it started pouring rain. I screamed, and we were soaked in seconds. We were on the beach where we had first met. Harry picked me up, and threw me in the water. "Harry!" I screamed when I came out of the water. I shoved him over, and he fell in, but he grabbed my arm as we fell, so I was dragged in with him. With the rain pouring over us, we sat in the shallow water and laughed like maniacs. I looked at Harry, at the exact time he looked at me. Neither of us needed to say anything, it was obvious what was about to happen. Because we both leaned in at the same time, and he kissed me. Harry Styles kissed me. And I love Harry. Harry from Cheshire, who I've known since I was 12. And we were kissing in the rain. And it was amazing.

Until Sophie ran up to us.
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