Torn Apart - Two Worlds

Emma Redstone has been best friends with Harry Styles since she was 12 and he was 11. And he doesn't know that she has loved him the whole time. But when Niall asked her out, she said yes to spare his fragile heart. He believes she loves him and the lie spirales out of control until the point of a proposal. To make things worse, Harry is dating Emma's best friend, Sophie! What can Emma do? Should she tell Harry how she feels and destroy Niall? Or lie to Niall forever?


3. "I'm Sorry"

EMMAS POV: "I... I don't!" I did it. I finally did it. I don't have to live a lie anymore! All around me, gasps ran through the church. "What?!" said Niall, horrified. I looked around everyone was staring at me in horror and shock. I just ran. Out of the church. Then kept running until I got to me and Nialls house. I collapsed on the bed. What happens now? Niall would be home any minute. Ge was surely right behind me. Behind Niall would be everyone else. I was scared. Like a little kid. I was afraid to explain in front of everyone. Afraid to destroy Niall's fragile heart. To tell the man who wants to marry me that I never loved him to begin with. What was wrong with me.

I lay on the bed for a few minutes. Then I heard the front door open and close. Niall walked into the room. "Emma Madison Olivia Redstone what the hell was that?!!" screamed Niall as he walked into the bedroom. He looked furious. But behind the fury, hurt. Poor Niall. "I think it's about time I tell you the truth" I said. I paused, and Niall waited for me to continue. "I never honestly loved you. Remember two years ago when you asked me out the first time? I only said yes because I didn't want to break your heart. And the lie, it kind of, spiraled out of control. But listen Niall, your a great guy, but you just aren't for me" I said. There. I finally told the truth. Niall looked horrified. "Who is it? Who do you really love? I can tell there's someone else you love more" he said finally. "It's... It's err... It's Harry" I said. I was glad to get the words out. "I should've known. They always fall for Harry. Plus you've known him since you were twelve" Niall said looking sad. I hated this. Breaking his heart. "Look Niall. Somewhere out there, is a girl who is perfect for you. And she will find you. But I'm just not that girl" I said. "Okay. I get it. I'm not good enough for you. And by the way? I'm putting this house up for sale in the morning. So start packing. Why don't you go move in with Harry?!" Niall yelled. "I'm spending the night with Liam" he yelled from the porch. "Niall wait! Wait!" I screamed, as the tears came. But he was gone.

I cried for hours. Than I remembered. The paps were at the wedding! They had pictures and video of this whole thing! Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no! I grabbed my phone, which was sitting on thr dresser. 149,678 mentions on twitter. 23,459 on Facebook. Almost all were about the wedding. Almost all were hate. Tears threatened to spill again. A thud crashed against the door. It was the paper boy. Damn! It's morning already? I went to go get the paper. I saw the front page and gasped in horror. Oh my gosh. The headline read, "I don't?! Niall's Princess isn't a Princess anymore!" What is going on. I ran inside and read the article. "On July 24th, One Direction's Niall Horan was supposedly getting married to Emma Redstone. However, she had a different idea. Because right as they were about to be married, Emma said, "I don't!" Fans, Family, and Friends were shocked by this, and no one saw it coming. Liam Payne, a fellow bandmate of Niall said "Niall showed up at my house furious, after he had confronted Emma. He told me that she had never really loved him, it was all an act and she loves someone else. Though he wouldn't say who". So, could this be the end of Nemma?" I stopped reading. I tore the newspaper to shreads, then tossed it in the fireplace. Well this day got better and better.
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