Torn Apart - Two Worlds

Emma Redstone has been best friends with Harry Styles since she was 12 and he was 11. And he doesn't know that she has loved him the whole time. But when Niall asked her out, she said yes to spare his fragile heart. He believes she loves him and the lie spirales out of control until the point of a proposal. To make things worse, Harry is dating Emma's best friend, Sophie! What can Emma do? Should she tell Harry how she feels and destroy Niall? Or lie to Niall forever?


9. I Love You - The End

When Harry came home I literally jumped for joy. He was the only person who cared about now. With all the bad publicity, I was hated. By everyone. All my mentions on twitter are hate. I need Harry's comforting hugs. His love. I need him to be his sweet loving self.

"Harry!" I yelled as he walked in the door. "Emma!" He yelled back. He picked me up and spun me around. "I can't believe your already 20 and I'm only 18!" He said. "Well your almost 19" I said back. We talked and talked and talked.

"Emma?" Harry said, sounding more serious.
"Yes Harry?" I said back.
"I need to tell you something" He said.
"What is it honey?" I answered, wanting him to say what he needed to say.
"I know we haven't been together long, but..."
"But what?"
"I love you Emma".
"I love you too Harry!"
And I've never meant any sentence so much.


Hey there! Sorry this chapters SUPER short, but this is the end of the story! Sorry it's a short story, but I'm going to make a sequel! There will be more info in the next chapter! Hope you liked the story! ~Molly xx
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