The Farmers Daughter~1D Love Story

Sierra is an all-american-girl born and raised on a farm in Oklahoma her father owns the the biggest farm in there small town so she got the title of farmers daughter and she is a goodie goodie but when her dad allows for 5 boys to come work on the farm over the summer for an old friend will she turn reckless........then agian she is a country girl


2. Chapter 2

Sierra POV

"so daddt aree you going to tell me who these lovely boys are" i said confused on what was going on "hun this is Harry,Louis,Niall,Zayn, and Liam they will be staying with us this summer and i am going to need you to show them around and how it works here at KC farm okay" he said with a smile on his face "okay but i am not going to go easy on them" i said with annoyance in my voice "please show the boys to the room in the barn" i rolled my eyes " okay will do" i got off flicka and lead her into the stable with ther boys behind me i have to say they where handsome fellas but they look stuck up so they are in for a trip i put flicka away and then turned to the boys "so follow me and i will show you where y'all will be staying for awhile apparently" i started walking towards the stairs in the barn and motioned for them to follow me up them when we got to the topi kicked the door and it swung open and there where 5 beds in there kinda smushed together "here y'all are set your stuff down and i will show you the rest of the farm" they quickly put there stuff down and where standing in front of me i lead them back down and towards the house before we got tthere i looked over and saw someone pulling up into the drive way they came to a stop and got out and there stood Austin

Harry POV

a guy around my age came up the drive way and got out of a big truck i looked sierra she had a huge smile on her face and ran to him he picked her p and spun her around and out of no where she kissed him wait she kissed him i saw him give me a death glare and smile at sierra i can already tell we are not going to be friends she took his hand and brought him over to us "Austin this is Harry,Niall,Liam,Louis, and Zayn" she said with a giant sile on her face he put his arm around her waist while glareing at me i don't think he likes me very much well the feeling is mutal

Sierra POV

i can't believe he is here Austin has been my boyfriend for 1 year and he moved to Texas last month so when he showed up here i was overwhelmed but so so so so so happy i looked at him and i saw him and harry glareing at each other wounder what that is about i just shook it off "babe come on my daddy and mama have been dying to see you and boys you can come meet mama" the all followed me inside mama eyes went wide when she saw austin she gave him a hug "why didn't you tell us you where coming to see us" she said with a smile "i wanted to suprise sierra" he looked down at me at kissed me forehead "and mama this is Liam,Harry,Louis,Niall,and Zayn" her smile got bigger "nice to meet y'all" she gave them all hugs  then looked at austin "i'm glad you could come up in time for sierras birthday she kept ranting on about how she wants you to be here" my face turned bright red "we are having a bon-fire tonight would you boys like to go" i looked at them they thought for a minute "we would love too" Liam said god tonight is going to be interesting.......


A/N Sierra looks like Arianna Grande but with brown hair just in case you where woundering yea hope you liked this chapter was boring but promise the next one will have some drama in it :D

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