You saved me

Sonya was about to turn 18 and on her eighteenth birthday she was going to go to the wanted's concert before she killed herself.she wants to kill herself because her brother died on his 18th birthday and he was her whole life.but at the concert she meets Nathan and he causes her to have second thoughts about life.but will that be enough to keep her alive?


13. wedding plans

Sonya's POV:
Nathan carried me off stage and into his dressing room."What just happened" I asked Nathan."We're engaged" Nathan said."It all happened so fast" I said."Yeah" Nathan agreed."Nath can I tell you something" I asked Nathan."Yeah babe,anything" Nathan said."Do you remember the day we met" I asked Nathan."Yeah" Nathan said."If I hadn't met you that day I would be dead" I said."What do you mean by you would be dead" Nathan asked."I was gonna comitte suicide,but then I met you and thought to myself,Life is worth living" I said."Is there anything else you're not telling me" Nathan asked."No that's it" I said."Ok" Nathan said."Oh my god,we need to plan the wedding" I yelled."Don't worry you can take as long as you nned to plan the wedding I'm in no hurry" Nathan said.My phone started ringing."Excuse me" I said as I left Nathan in the dressing room."Hello" I said when i anwsered the phone."You're engaged" I heard Amanda yell."How did you know" I asked."It's all over youtube" Amanda said."That was quick" I said."So am I a brides made or not" Amanda asked."of course you are,you're my best friend" I answered."OMG we need to pick out dresses" Amanda said."yeah how about tomorrow,I'll meet you at the bridal shop at noon" I said."sounds like a plan" Amanda said."I gotta go" I said."bye see you tomorrow" Amanda said,then she hung up.I walked back into Nathan's dressing room and saw the rest of the boys talking to him."Hey" I said."Congratulations" Jay yelled at me."Aw I'm so happy for you two" Tom said."Nathan can we have the wedding in Hawaii" I asked."that sounds like a great idea" Nathan said."yeah that sounds really fun" Max agreed."We should get home soon" I said."you're right lets go" Nathan said.We all ran to the door but Nathan stopped me."listen sweetheart the fans outside,some of them are psychos who may try to hurt you,but I have a plan.Jump on my back" Nathan said.I got on Nathan's back and the other boys built a wall around us."let's go" I said.Jay led us out the door and we got attacked by fans,some of them were yelling death threats but I ignored them,and we eventually pushed our way to the car."Thanks Nathan" I said as I got in the car."no prob" Nathan said."let's go home" I said.Max started the car and drove us home.

*after car ride home*
I hopped out of the car and stretched my body out."that was fun" I said."yeah" Nathan said."You know what would be more fun" I asked Nathan."no,what" Nathan asked."planning the wedding,I wanna get married before I become a mother" I said."ok let's go inside and start planning" Nathan said.I ran inside the house and grabbed my laptop."Guys get in here you gotta see this" Max yelled.I walked out to the TV room where I saw a video of Nathan and I on the news."Famous band member Nathan Sykes proposes on stage" I heard the reporter say."How is that on the news already" I said."news travels fast" jay said."yeah apparently" I said.
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