You saved me

Sonya was about to turn 18 and on her eighteenth birthday she was going to go to the wanted's concert before she killed herself.she wants to kill herself because her brother died on his 18th birthday and he was her whole life.but at the concert she meets Nathan and he causes her to have second thoughts about life.but will that be enough to keep her alive?


2. Victoria's dead

Sonya's POV:
The concert was almost over and all the girls were still freaking out then I heard Heart Vacancy start and I broke out in tears.Nathan noticed me and kept his eyes on me the entire song.The concert ended and I stayed after everyone left.I saw Nathan run up to me with the rest of the band."Hey" I said."hey are you ok you broke down when we sang heart vacancy" Nathan asked me."oh yeah that song just reminds me of someone i really miss" i said."ok,Sonya this is Tom,Max,Jay,and Siva" Nathan said."hi" I said trying to be polite."hey" Tom said."so do you wanna go get some food with us" Nathan asked."umm sure" I said."let's go" Nathan said grabbing my. Wrist and dragging me through the back entrance with the rest of the band."Can I take my car" I asked pointing to the corvette."yeah I'll go with you" Nathan said.we hopped into the car and I started driving."So why did you cry" Nathan asked."oh I just get a little emotional sometimes" I said."ok" Nathan said.persuit of happiness started playing on my phone."oh could you get that it's my friend Amanda" I said.Nathan nodded and anwsered my phone."hello" Nathan said.I heard Amanda scream from the phone."put it on speaker" I said.nathan put my phone on speaker and held it between us."Hey Mandy" I said."hey Sonya Victoria's dead" Amanda said."no you're lying she can't be dead" I said."she killed herself she left you a note saying that she just couldn't stand not having Connor" Amanda said."who's Victoria and who's Connor" Nathan asked."no one I just need to get back to my house" I said."I'll be at your house when you get there see you there boo" Amanda said before hanging up."why" I said."hey it's ok" Nathan said."NO IT'S NOT" I yelled."shhhh calm down" Nathan said.I turned and started driving to my house."When I get to my house you can call the boys and have them come get you" I said.
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