You saved me

Sonya was about to turn 18 and on her eighteenth birthday she was going to go to the wanted's concert before she killed herself.she wants to kill herself because her brother died on his 18th birthday and he was her whole life.but at the concert she meets Nathan and he causes her to have second thoughts about life.but will that be enough to keep her alive?


7. Pool party

Sonya's POV:
I woke up and Nathan wasn't there.I put on a pair of jeans and a sweater and walked out to the living room."wait don't look yet" Nathan said covering my eyes."ok" I said.nathan uncovered my eyes and I saw all the guys from the wanted standing around a beautiful Christmas tree."do you like it" Nathan asked."I love it" I said hugging Nathan."can we go in the pool now" jay asked."sure did you guys bring swim trunks" I asked."yeah" jay said.I ran to my rom and put on a red bakinii and walked out to the pool.i was about to get in the hot tub and sit next to Nathan but before I could Nathan pulled me onto his lap."awww you two are an adorable couple" siva said. I giggled and kissed Nathan's cheek.Nathan kissed me back but this time on the lips.i kissed back and started running my fingers through his hair."get a room you two" max yelled.nathan and I pulled apart and I blushed.i talked to siva for a little while before Nathan raised me out of the water and put me on his shoulders."put me down" I commanded."whatever you say" Nathan said throwing me into the pool."cold cold cold cold cold" I yelled swimming to the edge of the pool."here let me warm you up" Nathan said pulling me out of the pool then wrapping his arms around me."thanks Nathan" I said digging my head into Nathan's chest."don't mention it" Nathan said."alright love birds tone it down or go inside" jay yelled."let's go inside then" Nathan said.Nathan grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the house.
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