You saved me

Sonya was about to turn 18 and on her eighteenth birthday she was going to go to the wanted's concert before she killed herself.she wants to kill herself because her brother died on his 18th birthday and he was her whole life.but at the concert she meets Nathan and he causes her to have second thoughts about life.but will that be enough to keep her alive?


17. Not cool

*many months later*

Sonya's POV:
I was sitting in the car with Nathan and the rest of the boys and Amanda."I punched the address into the GPS lets go" I said.Nathan pulled out of the driveway and started the drive to my house in the mountains.We were near USC when I noticed that we were in gang territory."Nathan turn left" I said to Nathan."babe the GPS told me to keep going forward" Nathan said."Nathan were gonna die if you don't turn left" I yelled."no" Nathan yelled at me."Nathan Sonya and I both grew up here you're gonna wanna listen to her" Amanda said."no" Nathan said."well I don't wanna die,so if you don't turn left I will jump out of the car" I threatened."you wouldn't" Nathan said."see y'all in hell" I said then I tuck-n-rolled out of the car.I looked up and saw the car stop."Sonya get back in the car" Amanda yelled getting out of the car."no" I yelled to her.Amanda ran over to me."ok but I'm gonna stay with you,do you think the boys will recognize you" Amanda asked."yeah" I said.I then felt someone pull me and Amanda into a dark ally."looks like we found ourselves some princesses" I heard someone say,I knew his voice anywhere."tiny mad hatter" I yelled."hey little red" he said.I pulled him into a hug.I did used to be in a gang and so did Amanda."what have you been up to" I asked him."nothin much but I see you've been pretty busy" he said pointing to my swollen belly."yeah I know but I'm just as tough as I was" I said."oh yeah,then why don't you help me and the boys get that car you just jumped out of" he said."ok" I said.We ran ahead and got in front of the car.Tiny mad hatter held a gun to my head so the boys could see.Nathan jumped out of the car."Sonya don't worry I'll save you" Nathan yelled."no Nathan don't just go save yourself" I yelled.I smiled at tiny mad hatter and he handed me the other gun that I pointed at Nathan."Sonya what are you doing" Nathan yelled really worried."oh my god did you see the look on your face" I yelled dropping the gun."nice one little red we totally had him" tiny mad hatter laughed.I ran to Nathan who looked really mad."consider yourself lucky,if Amanda and I weren't here you would be dead by now" I said."not cool" Nathan said.I hugged tiny mad hatter and got into the car,Amanda did the same and then we started driving again.We got to the house and unpacked our stuff."I'm sorry Nathan" I said.Nathan glared at me.I walked to my room and then it happened
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