You saved me

Sonya was about to turn 18 and on her eighteenth birthday she was going to go to the wanted's concert before she killed herself.she wants to kill herself because her brother died on his 18th birthday and he was her whole life.but at the concert she meets Nathan and he causes her to have second thoughts about life.but will that be enough to keep her alive?


14. Dresses

Sonya's POV:
I woke up on the couch of the living room and the first thing I saw was my laptop saying that I booked the beach for the wedding."there's my little wedding planner" Nathan said walking to me and kissing me on the head."what time is it" I asked."almost eleven thirty" Nathan said.I jumped off the couch,and ran into the kitchen."oh my god I need to get going" I said grabbing a packet of pop tarts."calm down" Nathan said."give me your car keys" I said holding my hand out.Nathan pulled his keys out of his pocket and dropped them in my hand."I'll be home soon" I said,before running out to the car.I drove to the bridal shop and saw Amanda."sorry I'm late" I said."it's ok let's just go inside and see if there's a dress you like" Amanda said.we walked into the bridal shop and the first thing I saw was the perfect dress. ( ."Amanda do you like that one" I asked poining to the dress."yeah it's gorgeous,try it on." Amanda said.I put the dress ont and showed Amanda."do you like it" I asked."yeah,let's go pick out a brides made dress for me" Amanda said.I took the dress off and changed back into my other clothes and met Amanda in the bridesmaids section."anything strike your fancy" I asked her.Amanda pulled out a dress ("this one" Amanda said."it's perfect lets pay and go" I said.We paid for the dresses and went back to my house."Boys I brought a friend over" I yelled when I walked into the house.The boys all ran to Amanda and I."we planned the wedding while you were gone,it's in three weeks at a beach in Hawaii" max said."awwwww you guys are so sweet,this is my friend Amanda" I said pointing to Amanda."Hi Amanda we're the wanted" jay said."I know I'm a huge fan" Amanda said.I saw Jay and Amanda gazing into each others eyes."Jay and Amanda sitting in a tree" I began."K-I-S-S-I-N-G" max joined."first comes love" Tom sang along."then comes marriage" siva sang."Then comes Amanda with the baby carriage" I finished."I hate you people" Amanda said."we're just kidding" I said.
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