One Direction: Elemental

Delilah's parents died. It was the hunters. Shes was forced to live with her Uncle Randy. Abusive Alcoholic. Delilah knew what the hunters wanted. Her changing eyes. Her powers. The 5 powers within her. These Elements. What happens when she meets 5 similar boys. Will one fall in love? Read more in One Direction: Elemental.


1. Finally.

Finally.  I escaped the abusive hands of my horrible uncle Randy.  It's winter so I picked a bloody good time to do it.

My uncle. Ugh.  It is gross to say that, so Randy. Randy treated my like shit just because I was different. Just because I was elemental.

Don't know what that is? It's simple.  Very rarely a baby is born like this.  Some hold the Element of Water, Fire, Air, Spirit/Aether or earth. But me?  I hold all of them.  Therefore, My eyes change color.  Mostly purple.  I am assuming spirit.

My name? Delilah. Last name? I dunno!  I have long, natural, bleach blonde hair and right now... my eyes are green. Earth I think.

I am officially 18 as of 3 days ago so I can go out on my own without worry Randy will find me and take me back.  Right now... I am an adult.

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