A Moment in Time

Shawn and Hary were best friends when they were little. Then she was forced to move to America. What happens when she has an accendent? Willl she rember Harry?


1. The Moment I Met You

Shawn's P.O.V- 7 years ago

"Harry get back here right now" I yelled. "you have to catch me first" he yelled back. I took one big leap an jumped right on him. "gottcha, now give it back". "fine, I still dont know why you wont let me read them. I mean I am your best friend and I share everything with you?"he said. "alright but just this once".

I took out my notebook and showed Harry some of the songs I wrote. "don't judge me because they are horrible" I said shyly. "wow Shawn these are really good I don't know why you never showed me these before" he said in awe.

"SHAWN ELIZABETH CLARK IT'S TIME TO COME INSIDE" my mom yelled. "well I better be going see you soon Harry." And with that I ran to my house and walked in. Myparents were sitting on couch and looked, nervous? "honey we need to talk to you, so come on and sit." my mom said. "ok?" I said As I sat down on the couch. "mom dad what is going on?" " honey i'm so sorry but we are moving." "WHAT!?!? WHEN?!? WHERE?!!" I yelled. "we leave next week and we are moving to Florida" my dad said calmly.

 I ran out of the room crying. when I got to my room I fell on my bed crying and thinking to myself  'why are they doing this to me they know how hard it is for me to leave Harry, so why are they doing this to me?' ' OMG  what am I going to tell harry, how am Ibgoing to tell Harry?' after all of the thinking I finally fell asleep.

I woke up and remembered what had happened last night and stared crying again. I got up and grabbed my clothes for the day and got in to the shower. When I got out I blow dried my hair and put on my outfit. When I was finished I when downstairs for breakefast and saw my parents down there eating. I avoided eye contact and grabbed a bagel. I walked out of the door and across the street to Harry's house. ' you can do this shawn' I thought to myself. i knocked on the door and Gemma opened the door. Gemma and I were always close so we got along very well. " hey shawn what's up" she asked. " i just came to talk to Harry, do you know where he is?' I asked her. "ya he is upstrairs in his room" " thanks Gem".

I walked up to his room and knocked. He opened it within a matter of seconds. "hey Shawn what's up, you dont look to well?" he said concerned. "Harry that's the thing I need to talk to you about" I said sitting down on his bed. "What is it shaw bear?" he asked. That was my old nickname but he is the only one who still uses it. " Harry, i don't know how to tell you this but i'm moving to America" I said with tears runing down my face. Soon before we new it we both were crying. "when do you leave?" "next week". " well I got to go home and pack" I said getting up from his bed and out of his front door.

Next week at the airport

"goodbye Harry i'll miss you sooooooo much I promise that i'll call when ever I can" I said while I was hugging him. " ill miss you too Shaw bear, and i'll call when ever I can." he said hugging me back. "Shawn here I got you this I have the exact some one too." he pulled out a locket and inside there was a picture on me and him huggimg each other. " I love it Harry thank you i'll never take it off". We all said goodbye one last time before we all heard "FLIGHT 1D TO FLORIDA IS NOW BOARDING". And with that me and my family left. When I got on the plane all I could think about is Harry and how I love him but never had the chance to tell him that I did and soon i started to bawl. Before I new it I was asleep on the the plane and would wake up in a whole new place.


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