soon there won't be a heartbeat and the pain will fade away...


1. Heartbeat

Just like the rain,

Tears roll down my face.

My face is pale, 

My eyes are red.


Just like the dark,

My heart is black.

I'm alone,

And there's no light.


Just like a knife,

Pain satabs me.


And every day.


Just like a song,

The melody of death,

Comes to my ear,

And fills me with fear.


Just like a lightning,

I see a flash of light.

It's there,

Then it's gone.


Just like the hot water,

My blood is going down.

It's going through my whole body.

Not inside but outside.


Just like a mask,

I'm putting on a smile.

If I keep pretending,

They won't ask why.


Just like a costume,

I'm wearing my clothes.

I'm hiding my battle scars.

I'm hiding my pain.


Just like a dead person,

I have no feelings.

And one day soon,

I won't have a heartbeat.


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