Nobody Compares To You

16 year old Adriana moves in with One Direction after getting abused by her mother. She is Liam's sister and he makes clear rules to the boys that NO ONE goes out with her. What happens when Harry can't control himself and ends up falling for her? Will she fall back? Will Liam find out? What will happen?


8. Shopping with Styles.

Chapter 8:


The next few days were great. I kind of 'bonded' with all of the guys- I went shopping with Zayn, ice skating with Louis, Nando's with Niall (surprise surprise), Cinema with Liam and I mostly chilled with Harry.

Today Harry and I were going shopping, since I need new shoes and a new school uniform. Yes, I was starting school, because you know, I'm 16 and I have to go, unfortunately.

"Addi, love, hurry up a bit, shops close if you take too long" Harry called from downstairs.

"Yep yep, one sec" I replied. I finished getting ready and walked downstairs to find Harry waiting at the door, and, as usual, he was looking fiiiine.

"Took you long enough" Harry chuckled."You look beautiful as ever, though" he smiled as we hopped into his black Range Rover.

When we finally reached the mall, we headed to Topshop, and it was closest. I tried to find some heels, but all of them were either too high or too low.

Harry was- actually I don't know where he is. He disappeared as soon as we got in. I'm assuming he went to Topman, though. After giving up on the shoes, I went to look for harry.

"Harry? Where are you babe?" I called out, hoping he could somehow hear me.

"Here!" I heard a faint raspy voice coming from somewhere behind me. Funny, the only place behind me is the underwear se- "Harry! What are you doing here! I tried to scold but failed seeing him holding about 50 different pieces of sexy underwear.

"I was walking around and I saw these, and just thought that these will all look nice on you" he smiled, acting innocent.

I shook my head, laughing at his childishness. "Put them back, Hazza, I don't need any".

He pouted and went to put them back. Adorable.

4 hours later, I found my uniform and some grey/black heels. We were exhausted, so we went to Starbucks.

"That was tiring" I said as I sat down. "Tell me about it. How do you girls even do it? Shop all the time? Doesn't it get boring?" He asked, sipping his frappucino.

"nope, it's fun!" I smiled. He shook his head and rolled his eyes.

"Girls." He huffed, jokingly.

"Boys" I mimicked.

"Excuse me missy but I am a man" he said, suddenly all sassy.

"Exactly how I felt when you called me a girl" I replied.

"What so you wanted to be called a man? Okay then" he joked. I smacked him lightly on the head.

"You are one weird person, Styles" I said.

"The feeling's mutual, babe" he winked.

"Whatever, anyway, have you seen my new shoes? They're so fetch!" I said, with an attempted American accent. He sighed loudly.

"Stop trying to make fetch happen, it's never going to happen"

(5 hours later) We decided on another movie night, so we watched Mean Girls, after our mean girls talk, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Final Destination 5. Halfway through, we fell asleep. I was awoken by a few chuckling noises nearby. I opened my eyes to see four immature boys taking pictures of us. I groaned.

"Why do you boys have to be such pains"

They laughed at my words, making me shake my head at them. I looked at how Harry and I were asleep. I had my head on his chest, his hands accidentally somewhere they shouldn't be. That's why they were laughing. Careful not to wake My boyfriend, I climbed off the sofa and went to my room, ignoring One Direction's failed attempts at rude jokes.

Breathing out heavily, I collapsed on my bed, and fell into a deep, much needed sleep.


(A/N I'm so sorry if its bad, there will be drama soooooooon :) thanks for reading x

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