Nobody Compares To You

16 year old Adriana moves in with One Direction after getting abused by her mother. She is Liam's sister and he makes clear rules to the boys that NO ONE goes out with her. What happens when Harry can't control himself and ends up falling for her? Will she fall back? Will Liam find out? What will happen?


7. Pranks, tweets, and a perfect date.

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Chapter 7:


(3 weeks later)

It's been 3 weeks now, and everything is perfect. Last night we had a movie marathon, with food and everything, but of course, Niall ate all the food! It was quite fun actually, we watched 21 Jump Street, The Vow, Paranormal Activity, and Love Actually. We stayed up until about 5 in the morning, so right now, the boys are extremely knocked out.

I decided to play a prank on everybody, but for that, I needed my parter in crime, who was, of course, Louis 'the Tommo' Tomlinson. I snuck into his room, careful not to wake anyone.

"Louis, LOUIS, wake up!" I whisper-shouted.

"What" he grumbled, sleep evident in his voice.

"I need your help, wake up" He groaned.

"What time is it?"

"That doesn't matter, but I need you to help me play a prank on the boys" I smirked. He made a sudden movement, and being the Louis he was, he fell of the bed. I tried to contain my laughter.

"You okay?"

"Don't laugh at me Adriana Jessica Payne!"

He pointed a finger at me, and narrowed his eyes, pretending to scold me.

"Don't call me by my full name Louis William Tomlinson!" I mimicked his actions.

"Whatever, so what are we going to do?" He asked as he finally got up and stretched.

"Well I was thinking maybe you would have some ideas?" I laughed. He chuckled.

"Yeah okay, wanna draw on their faces and post pictures on da tveeter?" He asked in a weird accent and voice.

"Haha yeah okay, I'll do Niall and Zayn, you do Harry and Liam."

We got out the markers and started drawing on the sleeping boys' faces. On Zayn, I drew a moustache and beard, and on Niall, I drew a red solid splodge where his nose was, and some eye shadow. Then we took pictures of them. They looked hilarious!

@louis_tomlinson: @harrystyles @real_liam_payne @zaynmalik1D, @niallofficial IT WAS ADDI'S IDEA! @addipayneeex good work #Ladriana x

@addipayneeex: hahah they're adorkable ;) well done @louis_tomlinson, you did well in helping me haha #Ladrina x

Louis and I went downstairs after tweeting the pictures, but not long after, a loud banging noise came from upstairs.

"LOUIS I'M GONNA KILL YOU! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!!?" Screamed Zayn.

"What? It was Addi's idea!" Laughed Louis.

Zayn groaned and stompted back upstairs. Louis and I burst out laughing, until the rest if the guys came running downstairs.

"THERE THEY ARE! GET THEM!" Yelled Niall. We screamed and ran upstairs to hide. We didn't succeed in hiding, so we had to have our punishment- and the boys, being the boys they are, tweeted pictures of us without us noticing. I looked horrible!

@zaynmalik1d: @louis_tomlinson @addipayneeex Not so funny anymore is it? ;)

@real_liam_payne: @louis_tomlinson @addipayneeex Victory is ours! Haha

@niallofficial: @louis_tomlinson @addipayneeex YOU SUUUUCK!

@harry_styles: @addipayneeex @louis_tomlinson haha sorry, but it had to be done ;)




"Baaaabe are you done yet?" shouted Harry from downstairs. I was in my room, getting ready to gout. Harry was taking me out on a date, and he told me to wear something pretty, so I wore a creamy lace dress that went went down to mid-thigh with a light brown thin belt, and platform heels. Incase it gets cold, I also wore a black leather jacket, and to accessorize the outfit, I wore a  necklace  and matching bangles. (

"Yea one second!" I replied, applying my final touches of my make-up. I didn't usually wear makeup, but today i wore a bit of foundation, smokey-eye bronze eye-shadow, mascara and lipgloss. I had curled my hair and left it to hang loose over my shoulders. For once, I was happy with my appearance.

I headed downstairs and heard a wolf-whistle. Typical boys.

"Damn, Harry, you picked a good one" Louis winked.

"Yeah I did" he smiled. "But hands off, she's mine" He said. I blushed and giggled.

"Come on, let's go beautiful, oh and you look sunning by the way" he smiled. I blushed again and looked down, smiling at Harry's sweetness. He was wearing black jeans, a white shirt, and a black brazer, and his hair was done perfectly. I must admit he was looking fine.

Unfortunately he caught me staring, and so he smirked that cocky i-know-what-you're-thinking smiles. For the third time, now, I blushed.

"Aw babe, don't blush" Harry cooed.

"Shut up Hazza" I laughed.

'Ooh feisty. I like it." He winked.

I giggled and we got into the car, and he drove off, to the restaurant we were going to. I also noticed that he was smiling the whole way. 

When we finally got to the restaurant, we were lead to our table, next to the window, with a nice view. We were handed the menus and after about 5 minutes, a waiter came to take our orders.

"Welcome, what would you like to eat tonight?" He asked.

Harry looked at me, waiting for me to take my order.

"I'll have the cajun chicken salad, with lemonade, please." I said.

"And I'll have the lasagna with Coca-Cola, please."

"Sure, it's about a 15 minute wait for the food to come. Thanks" He walked off.

The food arrived and we ate it all up and started taking afterwards. He was so sweet, Harry. One nice comment, and it would send me over the moon.


I love him so much.



A/N sorry if its bad! I'm having writers block, so if you have any ideas COMMENT BELOW! :D thank youuu xx

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