Nobody Compares To You

16 year old Adriana moves in with One Direction after getting abused by her mother. She is Liam's sister and he makes clear rules to the boys that NO ONE goes out with her. What happens when Harry can't control himself and ends up falling for her? Will she fall back? Will Liam find out? What will happen?


11. *NOTE* Delete?


Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I have been really busy, as usual.

I'm really really sorry guys, but I think I might be deleting this fanfiction, for a few reasons:

1. I hardly ever update, and when I do, the chapter's really bad. I can never think of ideas, and although you have all given me some great ones, I don't know how to write them.

2. I have a lot of things going on at the moment, family/ friend stuff etc that I'm finding rather hard to deal with.

3. I don't really like writing it. I mean, I love reading people's movellas, but idk I just don't find writing fun anymore.

BUT, I could put it on hold? If that's possible haha, or I could like, give it to one of you guys? And you could carry it on?

Comment? Or kik me: hodastyles

Thanks a lot though! You guys are great!

Thanks again!

Hoda x
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