Nobody Compares To You

16 year old Adriana moves in with One Direction after getting abused by her mother. She is Liam's sister and he makes clear rules to the boys that NO ONE goes out with her. What happens when Harry can't control himself and ends up falling for her? Will she fall back? Will Liam find out? What will happen?


3. Do I?


Chapter 3:

It's been two days now, and we're all going to Nando's for dinner.


I laughed out loud as he came running down the stairs, his eyes on the verge of tears. He looked pretty angry if you ask me.

"Zayn calm down, it's in my room" I smiled. He furrowed his eyebrows.

"Why is it in your room?" He asked.

"I used it" I smiled cheekily. He groaned and walked off, me laughing again.

"Has he gone?" Asked a little voice in the corner.

"Haha, yes louis, he's gone. It wasn't you anyways. Why so scared?" I laughed.

"I know but he wouldn't have listened. I tell you, Addi, IT WASNT ME! I SWEAR! IM INNOCENT!" He wept. He was a strange boy. I laughed at him and patted him on the back.

When zayn finally came down, he put his shoes on and sat down in the couch. I decided it was a good idea to go get dressed. I wore a white dressy-top with black flowers on it and black skinny jeans. I put on a red leathery jacket to give it a bit of colour and black wedges. Then I straightened my hair and curled the ends. Finally I added some red lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, foundation and concealer. I hoped didn't look that fake. I took one last look in the mirror. I sighed, I still wasn't happy with the way I looked but whatever.

I grabbed my handbag and went downstairs, where everyone was waiting. They boys' jaws dropped open and I blushed a bit, looking down. There were two girls that I hadn't met before, though. One was sat next to Zayn. She was stunning. She had long, shiny brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, which looked like Niall's. The other girl was stood by Niall, talking to him. Again, she was also stunning. She had brownish/blondish hair and pretty green/grey eyes.

Wow. These boys could really pick the ladies!

"Oh this is Nicole, Zayn's girlfriend, and Sydney, Niall's girlfriend." He said to me, "And this is Addi, my sister" to them.

"Hi! Liam tells us all about you! I'm Nicole as you just heard!" Said Nicole, hugging me.

"Hey I'm Sydney! Harry was talking to me about you today!" She winked, also hugging me. I just smiled and we all got ready to leave. I could feel Harry's eyes piercing in me as I walked in front of him. Well this was going to be interesting...

After about half an hour of loud music and singing in the car, we finally got to the Portuguese restaurant and sat down. I excused myself to go to the loo, and as I was walking I felt a large hand on my shoulder.

"Yes harry? I'm just going to the toilet you know" I said. "Look, I want, no, need to talk to you. As soon as you moved in with us Liam told us that you were out of bounds. None if us can date you."

"Yeah so?"

"Well, I have a problem. I know it's only been 3 days but I really like you. As in more than a friend. I want to be yours. I don't know if you fell the same but if you do, please tell me. Liam can't choose who you go out with anyways, so don't worry about him. Do you like me?" He asked.

"I-I-I'm sorry harry, I need to get back to the table." I said as I rushed off. I didn't like him. Did I? Oh no. Don't fall for him, he's probably nothing but trouble. But his smile and his eyes and his hair. No stop it! You don't like him! Wait, yes I do. I do. I like Harry.


A/N: Wow! 3 chapters in one night! Haha hope you enjoyed :)

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