The Real Me

The real me is lost...


1. The Real Me

Everyone knows the fake me.



Lovely fake me.


I don't show anyone,

Who I really am.

Cause the real me,

Has to be hidden.


The real me,

Is lost.

She's in a black hole,

And there's no way out.


She's depressed.

She's fighting.

But she's is losing the battle,

The one in her mind.


She knows she's not beautiful,

Or perfect.

She's fat, ugly, worthless.

She's a hideous monster.


Every compliment,

Feels like an insult to her.

And every smile,

Makes another cut on her.


Blood is running out,

There are so many battle scars.

The hole in her heart,

Nobody can fix it now.


Pain sounds like a melody,

That comes to her ear.

That melody keeps her alive,

But kills her at the same time.


The miserableness,

Stabs her like a knife.

The darkness has,

Filled the hole in her heart.


There's no one she can trust,

No one that can be loved by.

But she knows that,

Razors are always there now.


Music clears her mind.

Every cut brings her back to life.

Every second and every minute,

Breathing is harder and harder.


As she turns around,

She sees her end waiting there.

Should she walk to it?

Shouls she run away?


That's the real me.

It's scary right?

Now you understand,

Why she is in the dark.


She has lost everything,

She can't think clearly now.

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