I'll Make Sure To Keep My Distance

Let's get this straight okay? My name is Christina Marshall and I used to be bestfriends with Harry Styles. I know all of you are going to go crazy when I tell you this but Harry and I are not friends anymore. My father had cancer and we couldn't cure it. He died a month later and I shut out everybody from my life. I know your thinking that this is going to be a sappy romance but it's not. Harry is in a relationship with Taylor Swift so really I'm just a girl that Harry will meet and leave. It's been almost 2 years since my father has died and I'm 18. I'm going to college in London. I have gray eyes, dark blonde hair, rosy cheeks, long legs & a mid-length torso.


4. When All I Need Is You


(Christina's pov) 

It's been a week since the fight I had with Harry. I keep playing the part where I told him that all I needed was him over and over again in my head. I wasn't able to eat or sleep.  

My aunt checks in on me from time to time. She is actually like 5 years older than me so she is like a sister to me. I've been going to school and doing photos shoots over the weekend.  

I'm meeting Ted for coffee today and he promised to not tell the guys. I look like a complete mess even though I took a shower, made my face and hair look perfect & picked out the perfect outfit. I don't really have any friends since I like to keep to myself.  

After getting completely ready for the day I grabbed my phone and keys as I left my flat. I got into my car and turned on the radio as I started the car. It was 7:30am so not much people would be at the coffee shop.  

After a short car ride I parked my car in the parking space. As I entered the coffee shop the sweet smell of cinnamon and pumpkin filled my nose as tingles were sent through my body. It was winter time and it wasn't that cold yet.  

I ordered my coffee and sat down waiting for Ted. Suddenly Jake and his friends entered the shop. I was so scared because Jake would abuse me all the time. He ordered his coffee and sat down 2 tables away.  

Ted entered the shop 5 minutes later. After he got his drink he sat down at the table with me. We talked for a bit until Jake recognized me. Shit. "I need to go to the bathroom. So I'll be back in like 5" I told Ted as I made my way to the bathroom.  

"Well well well. Who do we have here? Christina" Jake said as he walked towards me. I knew he was probably going to hurt me. He covered my mouth and nose so I couldn't scream. He dragged me to his car and pushed me in the back.  

His windows were tinted so no one could help me. As he closed the door he stripped my clothes off. After I was just in my undergarments he took off his clothes. I closed my eyes so the suffering would need quicker.  

After many bruises, cuts & pain in my private areas he let me get dressed. He was dressed so he pushed me out of the car. "I can't wait to do that again" he told me as he grabbed me harshly. "Jake please just let me go. I won't tell anyone. Please" I begged him. 

He slapped me. I cried as he slapped me again. "Stop it" I heard Ted yell. "She's all yours. Just to let you know, she's horrible in bed and just horrible any time" Jake said and walked away. "What did he do? Are you okay?" Ted asked as he held me. 

Ted took care of my car already so he told me I could go back to the hotel to rest. I agreed since I was to weak to argue. Once we got to the hotel he led me to the big suite all of them were sharing. When he opened the door, they were all occupied with something. I was still crying and I looked horrible. "Boys I'm back and I brought a visitor." Ted said. I flinched as he put his hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry your safe now" he told me. "Safe from what?"  

They all said in unison as they turned around. I just wanted to crawl into the corner and shrink. There faces all looked lifeless when they saw me. Harry wasn't with then which I was partially glad about.  

"Guys she is going to need some rest so I need one of you guys to give her your bed to sleep in" Ted said. "I will" Harry said as he stepped in. "Nu uh. Not Harry's." I said to Ted shaking my head. "Why not?" Ted asked. 

"I don't want him to think I'm his to pleasure. I'm just to weak and I don't feel good" I said. "Christina?" Harry asked.

(Harry's pov) 

I looked at Christina and she looked terrible. Bruises, cuts & red marks covered her. "No Christina not like that. I promise Harry will let you rest" Ted said looking at me.  

"I promise" I told her. "I don't trust your promises. You broke all the ones you had with me. I'd rather sleep on the couch. I don't want to sleep in any of the boys beds" she said looking at me and then at Ted.  

What happened to her. She looked sad, you could see her tear stains and who she just looked like you wouldn't want to make her upset. "Okay" I said and all the boys nodded. She went to the couch and laid down.  

Her breathing was uneven and she flinched whenever someone would get near her. What happened to her. After she fell asleep I demanded Ted to tell us all what happened.  

"She was raped", Ted's words kept playing over in mine. "By a Jake" also kept replaying. Her ex, Jake raped her. I should if stayed in touch with her or checked on her 2 years ago. But I didn't. This was all my fault.


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