I'll Make Sure To Keep My Distance

Let's get this straight okay? My name is Christina Marshall and I used to be bestfriends with Harry Styles. I know all of you are going to go crazy when I tell you this but Harry and I are not friends anymore. My father had cancer and we couldn't cure it. He died a month later and I shut out everybody from my life. I know your thinking that this is going to be a sappy romance but it's not. Harry is in a relationship with Taylor Swift so really I'm just a girl that Harry will meet and leave. It's been almost 2 years since my father has died and I'm 18. I'm going to college in London. I have gray eyes, dark blonde hair, rosy cheeks, long legs & a mid-length torso.


5. To Scared To Move


Warning: Talks about major pain and love related stuff. Don't worry not to gross. I love you my little leprechauns!

(Christina's pov) 

I've been laying on the couch sleeping for almost 5 hours. I am in to much pain to move. I'm also scared that if I move Jake will find me and hurt me again. And I'm not over-re-acting when I say this, but who knew that when you feel like utter-shit, you just want to lay in the arms of a guy that you have been longing to tell your feelings to.

I want to be in Harry's arms just listening to his heartbeat but no I just have had the most dandy morning. First I get raped then I want to crawl back to Harry after he left me depressed for weeks, months, hours. I close my eyes since my eyelids feel heavy.

The next thing I know I'm awoken by the sounds of laughing and crying. I instantly open my eyes to see Harry crying and all the boys laughing. "What's wrong?" I ask Harry noticing how he was looking in my direction. No answer. "What's wrong Haz?" I ask but still no answer. It's like nobody can here me so I just give up.

I stand up even though it kills me and make my way to a door. I feel something dripping down my leg and see I'm bleeding from my "private" area. "Seriously" I mumble under my breathe. Suddenly I'm on the floor crying because of all the agonising pain I feel in my lower regions.

All the boys are gathered by me and I can feel more blood oozing out of me. I start to cry even harder as the pain increases. "Shh it's gonna be okay Christina you'll be okay" I heard Harry tell me in his soothing voice.

"No it's not Harry not after I was pregnant with Jake's child then when he rapes me it kills the child. I'm having a miscarriage. Don't you get it. You were never there for me" I told him as the pain wouldn't stop. I was probably going to pass out any second.

"An ambulance is coming" I heard somebody say before I black out. I can still hear and feel things but I just can't respond or talk.

(Harry's pov) 

Christina was pregnant. I was shocked to hear what she said. So if I got it right Jake got her pregnant, didn't know he did and the next thing he did caused the baby to die. Wow, Jake was horrible and we all knew it.

I was crying a lot to the point where my tears will stop in a matter I minutes. We got her to the hospital and the doctors were trying to fix her any way they could. I'm pretty sure all the guys understood I didn't want to be talked to so we all jest kept quiet.

I wondered why Christina never told me about the baby. Oh wait she never told me because I never contacted her or tried to talk to her. I'm such a idiot. I don't understand why I never contacted her.

"Mr. Styles your Christina's boyfriend right?" the doctor asked as he steeped out of her room. "Uh no I'm just a really close friend. Do you know if she'll be better any time soon?" I asked anxiously.

"Actually Harry, Christina lost your guys' baby. I'm sorry for your loss. She has some bruises and cuts that will heal quickly. But she fractured some ribs and her wrist is broken. She lost 15% of her blood. She will need a lot of rest" the doctor told me. My heart is now in 2.

How could I be so selfish and not be there for her. It's my fault she's in the hospital. It's all my fault. And she lost her baby and broke her wrist and ribs. Ugh. That should be me in the hospital bed, not my girl.  


Awww sad chapter. I know. Anyways please vote and comment. Also check out my other stories. Thanks also thank you for supporting me and reading this. It means a lot. Also this is all original so please don't copy. Thanks leprechauns!

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